Software Product Catalog with Price Table

Software Product Catalog with Price Table

This tri-fold product catalog is a perfect way to showcase your products. I have chosen software to demonstrate the templates but of course this will work for any products you’d like to show off.

The template provides place for 6 products but you can easily modify image and text placeholders to fit different number of products.

Each product has its own color and the colors are supported with attention to details throughout the template (i.e. “orange” product will have orange text holder, orange title, orange table cell, etc. etc. etc.)

All colors are saved to Swatch palette so if you are unhappy with particular color you can change the settings of this color to whatever you like and you’ll have that new color everywhere in the template where the old color used to be.

Template Preview

Click image below to see Live Preview of this Catalogue template preview

Images included:

  • Dummy background images
  • Dummy product software boxes of different colors
  • Vector – curvy line on colored boxes


Fonts used:
  • One system font
  • Free fonts, links to download are included

Ready to print, easy to edit

  • Paragraph styles
  • CMYK and bleed
  • Layers to separate text, background and images
  • Swatches
  • Table styles
  • Cell styles
  • Get the fonts for free
  • Easily replace the images with your own

Files included

  • InDesign template file
  • InDesign inx file
  • Images as described above
  • PDF preview file
  • Documentation files

Need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help. You can also hire me to add your text / pictures to this file if you are not sure how to do this or don’t have time.


Big thanks to svilen who allowed me to use his images for this project. Please see portfolio at