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well done!! love it ;) GLWS

Thank you ;)

awesome product man :) GLWS

Thanks :)

Running CC2018, latest version. Action is failing once it selects area and then Command Play is currently not available. Play Action Mzc…..

Please ignore, problem solved.

Hello. This error may occur if you change the name of the action or its elements. Folder with the action have to named – Spirit Photoshop Action. All layers must named with the same names as on the photo. Minor changes will lead to errors. If it does not work, reset the settings of Phoshop and reload the action with all elements. For quick answers, I advise you to contact me by mail:

Also a mistake can occur when in the actions list (downloaded in Photoshop) there is already an action with this name, rename or temporarily delete it and play my action.

One of the best PS action out there…TOP!

Thanks ;)

Wow! Amazing work, :)

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It’s great idea! Good luck!

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After “regular license” purchase,

Is it possible to download for free to anyone on my website?

No, you can’t distribute my product for free. More details about the license can be found here:

Hello, I bought your action use cs6 but I always mistake when I start I would like to know but if the picture is called donato.jpg I have to change the name rename it? can you send me a guide if possible for me to understand and make it work? thank you

Hello, but the files I downloaded should I upload them to the photoshop folders? Thank you


I would advise you to carefully watch the beginning of the video-tutorial.

It shows how to install the components of the action and create masks. Also with the action files, there is a PDF-instruction that describes how to install the action to Photoshop.

For quick answers, I advise you to contact me by e-mail:

Hello, does it work in Photoshop in other languages? Or it only works in the English version?

Hello. Works only with the English version of the program.

Hello my select and mask does not seem to create a line around the subject. I have googled this and it does seem to be a problem. Do you have any suggestions on how to make select and mask work? I ave watched your video. Or can I use something else that is not select and mask?

Hello.Please send me a screenshot where I can see image with masks and the window “layers”(before playing the action). Have you errors while playing an action?

I Have purchased this and keep getting a memory overrun error. Both in Cs6 and in cs 2017. Tried Purge and then get another error. Purchased several actions off of this site and not run into this.Help..

The brush when selected by itself seems to cause the error. I redownloaded and reinstalled the action and got the same error.


The memory overrun error doesn’t apply to the problems of the action. If the subsequent Purge will not help, make the image size smaller.

You wrote that after purge you got another error, which one?

So that I can help you, I need to know more details.

Please send me next screenshots:
✓ screenshot of workspace (before playing action), where I can see the “layers” window, the image with masks.
✓ screenshot where I can see the “error” window, the “layers” window, the “action” expanded window.

Waiting for your reply.

hi are you for hire to apply this effect to some of our images? If so please email us your contact info to discuss


For that turn off the next layers:
✓ Particles;
✓ Sparkle;
✓ Clouds of decay;
✓ Reflection;
✓ Subject(foreground);
✓ Clouds and particles of silhouette.

And disable masks of next layers :
✓ Subject(background);
✓ Glares of subject;
✓ Subject.

that did not work. your plugin erases stuff so turning off the layers does not get the Spirit Animal effect :(

Please, send me a screenshot of your result.

I’d love to buy this, it looks freaking awesome, but the instruction video is more like watching when a Photoshop artist does a superfast brag video with no narration and pretends it’s a tutorial. Not all of us are able to follow a lightning fast cursor speeding all over the place with no verbal instruction. I had to turn off the music just to try and concentrate on what is being done onscreen and still catch one step before it zipped onto the next. I suppose I could stop and start the video about a hundred times to catch each step, but…BTW, I’m not a Photoshop beginner. I just don’t learn at the speed of light.

Okay, so I figured out how to use the video. I turned off the music and set the speed on YouTube to 0.25. Going to buy it now, but if there is anyone else out there like me, try this. It will be easier to learn this way. It looks like a good action.

Thank you for your comment, your opinion is important to us!

We will think about how we can improve instructions for actions and solve this problem.

Thanks again!

I’m very glad that you liked it ;)