Spray Can

Spray Can


Layered PSD-file of an spray can that uses Smart Objects to create the label so it can be created in a separate file.

The cap can be either on the can, besides it or none visible. The spray cap has three different positions. The label is in a separate file (Smart Object) so it is created “flat” and then automatically wraps around the can. The label can be in any shape and transparent so the can is visible where theres is no label.

The cap´s color is easily managed whit only a Solid Color-layer.

Basic shadow and reflection also included. The reflection of the label on both the ground and the cap if it is besides the can is automatically updated if the label is changed.


  • SmartObject that allow easy customization
  • The caps color is fully editable
  • 3 different spray cap positions
  • 2 different cap positions
  • The size of the image is 2000×3000 at 300 dpi
  • Shadows and reflections
  • All reflections of the label changes as the label is changed
  • 4 can labels are included(Pantone-labels shown in the pictures)
  • Instructions for how to make the most out of the image is included


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