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Great design :)

Thanks a Lot!

great work bro !!

Thanks Bro!

The Text Styles Look Dope!! man!

Yes! Your text style it’s amazing and all your work!!!

very creative and cool work man ,good luck with sales..

Thanks a lot :)

wow…nice design element and composition!

Thanks again for your support Bro! ;)

very nice work ;)

Thanks a lot Bro! :)

Bought this a few days ago. Like every single other piece of work you do, this was incredible as well. Well done!

That’s a really big words for me jonduke! Really means your support! :)

Hey, I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to Flyers but yours are great! Would you be able to point me in the right direction of tracking down graphics of the people you have used in your poster here??

Hey Bro Please send me an email via my profile! Thanks so much for your words!

Great stuff,im thinking of buying it but models not being included its a small problem for me, its there anywhere where I could buy the image ? ( i want the one with the guy). Thanks.

Please send me an email via my portfolio.King Regards!