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Please help to provide the instruction on installing the THMX files for powerpoint 2016 on windows 10.

Hello Thanks for your purchase please try this path:

C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes\Theme Colors

Please all about support only via private message:

Thanks for understanding

Hello. When I download, the only presentation available is the 16×9. How do I find the 4×3 version?

Hello please send me a message through my profile page

I want to buy your product, but I do not know if I can use a regular license project presentation. I would be glad if you give detailed information about regular license, thank you.

Hello you can read more about licenses terms here:

hy, how to edit footer stampede slide and facebook like button? i tried to open slide master but i don’t see edit button, i tried to change footer button but stampede slide text still appear

Hello please go to slide master then scroll up to the first slide. Thank you

Thankyou, done

Hi. How to install LATO font on Mac and Windows??

Hi, great work, thank you, but please add also CEE countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary as well as Ukraine. I need to use them.

i dont understand what am i buying? do i buy a single presentation , or i buy the ability to download any items i need for my own work?? please explain

Hello! Great versatile template. Is it compatible with LibreOffice Impress? I am really interested.

Hi I think not, this only for Microsoft PowerPoint

I only see the 16:9 layout available in my download. Shouldn’t there also be a 4:3 and an A4 template in there?

Disregard. I found it.

Great if you requiere any further information please it will be better via private message

Kind regards, Jetfabrik

Where need I copy THMX files on Windows 10? There is no such information in your documentation, there are for W7 and 8 only.

OK, I found it in the answer from 12 months ago. Please write it in your documentation – it will be easier for new users.

Hi, How we can change which is writing stampede slides area to our company’s name

Hello, you need to go to slide master. The instructions are in our documentation.

Buenas, necesito ayuda de como usar la plantilla de power point multipropósito que compre, se descarga en archivo comprimido y luego de eso que hay que hacer para poder verla desde power point?

Hola Marcela, tu necesitas abrir el folder 02 Presentation, ahi vas encontrar pptx files, despues escoges las slides que se adaptan a tu proyecto. Luego borras las slides no necesites.


Hola que tal? He comprado el template pero no se me abre en powerpoint, hay un error. Puedes ayudarme por favor, me urge trabajar con este template. saludos

Hola, trata de abrir ppt and pptx files. Podria ser que estas abriendo pptx files y la version de tu Powerpoint no es compatible. Por favor enviame un mensaje privado si necesitas mas ayuda.