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Excellent Work !! Good Luck with sales !! ;)

Thank u very much!!!

this is a fun looking flyer, good work.

Yeh it was fun designing too! Thank u!

nice flyer ! :)

Thank you!

Fresh and Sexy! Nice…......

thank you

can you make a ticket to match this?

So I can edit anything and everything as far as text goes on the flyer? So it wouldn’t have to say stand tall just the design would stay? Sorry, I’ve never used this site before.

we have paid and sent the info but how do we recieve the flyer? Through Email Or Nah?

we paid extra for it to be done ASAP WE Need To Start Promotion Now..

so please hurrry it would be greatly appreciated

Can you tell me how I can change the color of the shoes and the disco ball to other colors?