Starlight Minimal Google Slides Template Pitch Deck

Starlight Minimal Google Slides Template Pitch Deck

Starlight Minimal Google Slides Template Pitch Deck - Google Slides Presentation Templates


Having a well-presented presentation is crucial. Through these minimal slides, you will present your information quickly and efficiently. Starlight has a variety of things to offer. For example, there are comparison charts that layout data in an organized way that will appeal to your audience, pie charts, infographics, global editable maps, mountain charts, demographic visuals which can help you to show how your data applies to populations of individuals in a visual

This powerpoint template also includes a variety of break section layouts. If you have an elongated presentation, having break slides are essential. Break slides are important is that they allow your viewers to have time to process all your data and not get confused. Also, break slides give the audience a chance not to get bored because you will not be talking continuously. This template also offers multiple pictures layouts. As well as text with image designs that give your presentation that extra wow factor.

The layouts will amuse your viewers. So, these are some of the features available when downloading this minimal powerpoint template. Therefore, by obtaining the Starlight minimal powerpoint template, you will be successful when presenting before your audience and with this template, you will be ensuring that your presentation will be a success.

Supercharged with tons of elements, layouts, maps, infographics, charts editable in excel, vector icons and many other great features. This presentation template is perfectly suitable for all kind of subjects such as: Website Projects, Company Profile, Investor Presentation, App Devices Launch, Marketing Template, Investments Template, eCommerce Template, eLearning Template, Education Template, Social Media Template, Startup Template and many many more.

What you will get in this package?

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 / 4:3 / A4 Print
  • Mock ups Included
  • Documentation & Quick Guide (PDF)
  • Charts editable inside Google Slides
  • 3000+ Vector Icons! easily change size & color (Yes!)
  • All Graphic Resizable and Editable
  • Lots o maps
  • Flow chart infographics
  • Process diagram infographics
  • Stage diagram infographics
  • Easy Editable chart
  • Section Break Slides
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    Have fun and Impress your audience! :)

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