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I am also interested in the design, is it posible?

We are sorry, but unfortunately the design isn’t our property and as such, we are not allowed to distribute it.

Purchased it. Great templates. Really disappointing the default styling wasn’t there. I should have read all the way to the bottom to find this out but the reality is the majority of the stationary templates come with a default style. It makes mocking it up so much faster in some applications. I think you should consider adding some default style to it as it really added a lot of hours to my work for a simple mock up presentation.

Thank you for purchasing! Glad you are pleased with our products.

Are you referring to the “Vivo” design as the “default style”? If so, we will surely have your advice in mind and we will try to incorporate it into some of our future work.

Kind Regards

I only see smart objects that allow edit contents in the background layer, but not on the actual object layer. What am I doing incorrectly? For instance in 4.psd I cannot right click to edit contents on the object, but I can to change the background it is sitting on.

Hi, to edit the contents of the objects on scene you need to locate the layer which has “Your Image Here” in the title and edit it’s contents.

I am interested in this mockup but i would love to have it with an other size envelope. Im from The Netherlands and we ofte use EA5 envelopes… Is that possible for u to make me the same mockup with another size envelope?

Kind Regards and Nice Wetter, Karin Huiberts | MIKS® |

Hi, Unfortunately, we are not available for custom work at the moment. Thank you for your interest.

Not as good as some other stationery mock ups I have seen, because it’s tricky on the bigger collated ones to separate one one item from the others – the design is based upon a photograph rather than rendered illustrations

Hi, Thank you for your feedback. We included “Separated Shadows” folder, you can use this instead of “United Shadows” if you want to change objects position.

you could have included the actual presentation artwork. even free mockups come with those

Very Disappointed! Author is hiding some feedback. I purchased this template thinking I can easily edit e business card. This is USELESS to me. Please issue a refund. Why don’t you let user leave their honest feedbacks?

Sorry to hear that.

Not sure what do you mean by “hiding feedback”, since authors do not have that option on graphicriver.

This is a product mock-up it is not a design template. Design is used only for the purpose of preview.

Refunds are issued by Envato, not by authors.

Are these US standard size mocks????

Dimensions are listed in the description.

Awesome design concept mate, good luck with sales