Discussion on Stitched Stripe Actions

Discussion on Stitched Stripe Actions

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Prisoediniajys’ k pozdravlenijam!... :D

Spasibo bolshoe za prisoedinennie pozdravlenia! Jelau toje uspehov :bigsmile:

Hey – I am trying to load the jeans style on 5.5 but cannot see it. Also cant see the load button after the styles have been uploaded?

I didn’t test it on 5.5 but on 5.0 all works even perfectly. But I don’t thinks that this is a problem with it. Exactly i don’t understand what do you mean but I want much to help you. You must select layer before you run the action. The layer must be not a background. Layer mustn’t be the full area of the workspace. If this not helpful to you try again and we will cut this problem out.

Nice work! Looks really great!

Thanks much Tashina! :bigsmile:


Is this 300dpi or just 72dpi?


sorry but just 72dpi

Ok. Thanks for clarifying.

Thanks much! :bigsmile:

if this was available for 300DPI i’d buy it, but it has no use for me if I can’t make it PRESS READY . there should be a HUGE warning that this isn’t good for HI RES graphics.

If you don’t see preventions it means that it for 72ppi

Hi, can I use this with the Regular license on products I plan to sell or on website designs where other products are being sold? I’m not seeing a commercial license or mentions about where to obtain this, but maybe I’m overlooking something?

Sorry for late respond. Read license agreements here

In principle, this is great but there is no stitching effect anywhere after loading all items. Am I missing something or is it not in there as I only needed the stitching effect?

Sorry for late respond. All must be work correctly. Make sure you load brushes. watch video tutorial

Doesn’t seem to work unfortunately – nothing like the tutorial video and no instructions with the files either. Going to see what I can do with it, it’s a pity, looked really good in the preview.

Can you provide more details what did not work unfortunately?

I don’t see an option for an extended license. Is this not available for the extended license?

The “Extended license” option switch “ON” in my account. if you don’t see the link to extended license means there are any other requirements. Attentively read license agreements and then use it in your projects freely.

Hello! Great Work loved it, so I bought it.

I was wondering about what font you have used for the word Shape and BANG in the screenshot.


Thank you very much! I used KiloGram font type

Hi Vladuha It also contains the wood texture? Thank you.

Sorry, texture didn’t included

Hi Vladuha Thank you for your respond. Okay, did exist a chance to buy it.


I bought your set hoping it would help me complete a project I’ve been working on, but unfortunately I regret to inform you that it doesn’t work like you claim in your video. I created a text layer and named it background, then pushed play on my action. The action performed on everything BUT my text layer, even though it was selected. Also, I don’t even have nearly as many styles or action choices that you show in your video, which is disappointing because I wanted the Gray Jeans action set.

Do not worry sometimes that happens because some versions of Photoshop doesn’t match and create a different actions under all versions is not possible. If you describe the problem in detail and send a screenshot of the error, I’ll try to help you. Give your answer via the feedback form.

What about making Bridal, wedding Styles stitched text logo version?

Example texture

Hi Pinki,

Cool idea, I’ll do it soon. Can you contact me to give me one more image, please. I would be very appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Vladuha, I’m very sorry for taking so long to relying back. I’m been very busy at work etc. Here’s link to google texture examples I’m curious what about stitch paper instead of fabric?

Wedding cards stitch style text logo?

Oh, it’s ok Pinki. Thank you for your answer. It’s interesting idea that you have. I definitely will try to do something related to this. I always appreciate comments from people who contact me about products that they maybe want and I always try to do my best to make it happen. :)

Doesnt work.

Please, download new updated version.

Stitch Stripe Actions has been updated to work correctly with CC2015.5 & CC2017