Storepad Touch Elements - User Interface

Storepad Touch Elements - User Interface

This high-res user interface is completely customizable with very organized layers. Can be used as tablet/smartphone/website user interface apps or websites. Use it to build your next online shop!

Storepad touch elements:

  • 1 UI preview, PNG
  • 1 very organized PSD, incl. editable Storepad items and wallpaper
  • 1 Storepad wallpaper (leather style), PNG

Storepad touch elements PSD:

  • Adjustable colors (easy to change)
  • Separate layers (groups)
  • Vector bases elements
All user interface elements you see in the previews are completely editable.
  • Beyond retina ready (very high resolution) UI’s
  • iPad 1/2
  • iPhone 3/4
  • Blackberry
  • Galaxy tab
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Presentations

Fonts use:

I really love to see how you used it!

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