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Nice work, GLWS! :)


amazing work,i am trying to learn to create these kind of actions but there is no tutorial about this :(


I may plan on releasing some tutorials soon. These actions are quite advanced to build and am not sure if there will be too many tutorials out there covering the techniques.

looks absolutely stunning GLWS ;)


Hi…. Im french, and i dosen’t work in my french version of photoshop…....

HI -

Yes apologies, all my actions are only available in the English version of Photoshop. As far as I know there is no method or tool to convert and action to work across all languages – you have to manually re-write the action in each language.

You can also quickly switch to English using this method:

And after you have finished you can then change back to your French version again.

Hi, I have three of your amazing actions and all of a sudden I’m having problems. I’ve never had a “Background not available” error before and now I have it every time. I’ve followed your instructions and reset the Photoshop preferences but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Also the action is really eating up memory. I have a Macbook Pro with 8GB of memory. I’m using Photoshop CC 2104 and I keep running low on memory. There are so many variables. Can you give me some guidance on image size and resolution. What do you use for your examples? I’m working on a 16×20 inch image at 300 dpi. The process takes a long time and I get the background error message. Then the results aren’t right.

I’d appreciate any advice and suggestions. Tutorials would be great!

Thanks Andy Johnston


The ‘Background not available’ error is just because your photo layer is not ‘set’ as the background.

Just go to 0:30 secs of the tutorial to see me set my layer as the background:

Unfortunately, due to the way actions work, the larger the photo the longer it will take to finish. As these effects are quite complex to build and require lots of layers, it stores it all into memory. I am hoping that Adobe can work on crunching down the time actions take to play back.

Something that may help is Purging the history before running the action – so go menu Edit -> Purge -> All

This action takes about 2-3 minutes with photos between 1500-3000px, anything over that will take longer.

Send me an email if you need further help!


Hi all,

If you are having issues with this action or any others, please firstly read over the FAQ page found here. If you have read over it and are still having problems, please email me your PSD file with your ‘brush’ layer created. I will test out the action from my end and then tell you how to fix it.

Thank you all for your generous support,



If you experience issues with this action or any others, please firstly watch the video tutorial to ensure you have followed the steps in setting up your PSD file correctly. Here is my YouTube channel.

If you are sure you have done everything right, please have a read through the help page here. There maybe something mentioned on this page that solves your problem.

Each action is heavily tested and must pass a reviewer test before being made public to download, so it is highly unlikely that it is an error with the action itsself. Nearly all cases of a user experiencing an error is due to the PSD file not being setup correctly, or corrupted Photoshop preference files.

Lastly, feel free to send me an email to assist you further if you feel you have tried everything possible. My email address is on the help page.

Thanks everyone :)

Hi Everyone,

This announcement is for anyone who has purchased this item and is using the latest update to Photoshop CC 2015.5.

Today I made an update to this item for those of you using the latest version of Photoshop CC 2015.5. You can now find the CC 2015.5 action inside the ‘CC 2015.5+’ folder. If you have previously purchased this item, you will need to re-download the item from your downloads area to receive the updated Action.

After you have re-downloaded the item, make sure to replace your old action with the new one. You must also check that you have downloaded the very latest update to Photoshop CC2015.5 which was made on the 10th August 2016.

If you have received an email regarding an update to a Sevenstyles Action, then follow the steps outlined in that email to download the updated Action.

If you need assistance with this Action or any other Sevenstyles Action, please email me via the help page here.


You must also check that you have downloaded the very latest update to Photoshop CC 2015.5 from your Adobe Creative Cloud, which was made on the 10th August 2016.

Hi all,

If you need assistance with this Action or any other Sevenstlyes Action, please refer to the help page here.

Thanks for your support!


Purchased this action a few days ago and just tried it. Works great, however, I tried it on a photo that I expanded the background on and it only rendered in the area of the original photo and put a border around it, but left the expanded background as it was. I was hoping that it would render on the entire image so I could have room to add other elements.

Any way you could make that possible?


Hey Craig -

Would you be able to email me your PSD file? This way I can test it out from my end and see whats happening.

When you are expanding the background, make sure its not creating transparent pixels in the new area that you have created. If so, just make sure to fill it with a color before running the action.


Hey Everyone -

Just a quick update that this Action has been tested and working on the new release of Photoshop CC 2017.

If you are having troubles with this Action or any other Sevenstlyes Action, please visit the help page here.

Thanks for your support!


does this action produce result without background?

Hey -

Do you mean can you have the effects on a transparent background? If so, yes that is possible. Just hide the ‘Background Color’ layer and also the ‘Background’ layer.


Hi all,

If you are seeking assistance with this or any other Sevenstyles Photoshop Action, please visit the support page here.

This page covers commonly mentioned errors with solutions as well as my contact email address if you are experiencing issues beyond what is covered on the support page.

In nearly all cases, I need to see a Photoshop interface screenshot from the customer highlighting the issue and also have the ability to send the person a test file to run. This I cannot do in the item comments section on Graphic River, so it is a far more streamlined process sending me an email.

So if you are having technical issues with the Action, first see if the error is mentioned in the support page and try the solution to see if it fixes it for you. If not, please then email me so I can send you appropriate files to get it working for you.

Thanks for your support!


Works fine :) cute outcome, but it needs a white or simple background, gets confused if there is a busy one?

Hi All!

A reminder that if you require assistance with this Action or any other Sevenstyles Actions, please contact me via my support email address on the support page here.

The support page covers frequently asked questions along with updates that I have made to Actions.

This Action along with all other Sevenstyles Actions have been tested and working on the latest version of Photoshop and all other versions mentioned in the item description.

Thank you all for your support!