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looks beautiful :)

thanks mate :)

Wonderful! Fantastic Design! You’re very Talented! ;) Good Luck with Sales! Bookmarked! http://graphicriver.net/collections/724673-all-the-best-from-the-professionals

thank you very much :)

Great Flourish, nice colors!!

Very good looking business card. I like it!

thanks corrella

woah! what a design!

Fresh, clean and beautiful!

thanks jos :)

Excellent design, it looks clean and Pro!! great colors. congrats and good luck!!

really nice stuff

thanks VM.. :)

Thanks, beautiful design, amazing colors, could you suggest me a place where i can print them? i don’t wanna loos the color quality, thanks

any suggestions about printing sites? thank you! :)

http://www.vistaprint.co.uk is the best printing side for business card.

@mayasmehndi can you plz explain what the means about poo… Lol :D

hi can you explain to me how i would purchase this and how i would get my details onto it… is this after the billing or whilst printing on another website? thanks p.s ignore my comment ^^ >_<