Discussion on Stylish InDesign Magazine Template

Discussion on Stylish InDesign Magazine Template

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Good luck on your sales.. Looks fantastic!

Thanks appreciate it!

Pretty cool dude. :D

Thanks, really appreciate it. Been working on this one for a while!

Excellent!! looks great!! good job and good luck!! :)

Thanks you muchly! :)

Nice work! Also I want to ask why are you giving this template away for free?


Thanks for bringing this up. As soon as I saw your comment, I went to the forums and they said this was probably what you were relating too. I’ve outlined and password protected the whole PDF now.

Thank you for letting me know, big error on my behalf!

I just download your PDF again and managed to unlock it and it was all editable in Illustrator! You can try it for yourself. Go to and download the trial version. Drag your PDF over it and it will unlock it, and then open it up in Illustrator.

Like I said before, if your going to provide a PDF for previewing then you should always make the pages as images. I guess you don’t even need to provide a PDF as you have preview images anyway!

Sorry for being a bit of a pain but I’m only trying to help you protect your work! Hope it helps.

Agreed, preview gone. For some reason it wasn’t the outlined version up either.

Someone would have to be a pretty desperate scumbag to resort to trying to avoid paying the enormous sum of $11 by fiddling around with a preview file!

This is an excellent layout, really superb. In fact I’m going to purchase it right now…

Thank you, really happy you like the file!! Well I thought the same thing but I still pulled the PDF preview.

The preview PDF I had uploaded was pretty unusable once you took it into illustrator, but some people seemed to think it was a bad idea, so to avoid the hassle and any potential lost sales it had to go!

Sure, you have to protect your work.

Just a quick question, as I’m fairly new to InDesign, is there an easy way to convert this layout to A5, rather than A4?

In Quark, you just output it at 71% size, but I don’t see that option for InDesign.

Hi, what version of InDesign are you on?

There’s no easy way to do it when resizing your page size from within the document. But if you’re outputting your file as a PDF (or just to a printer), I recommend creating your PDF by using the adobe PDF printer (not export a PDF ).

So go to file, print, select Adobe PDF as the printer, then under the setup tab your can change your paper size. I don’t think A5 is in the list so select custom and input your custom paper size. Then under options on the same section, you can change the scale of the document. So either scale to to fit or a custom scale (give 71% a try like you say!).

In theory should all be good, can’t be sure you won’t have any image quality issues if your printing at a high quality and scaling though. Let me know if you have any probs.

Thanks, I’m using InDesign CS5 . I got in touch with the printer, and they can adjust the size for me from A4 to A5 in pre-press before its printed, so it’s actually not a problem any more.

I just have to increase all the text sizes by 71%, but that’s no big deal.

I really love the file by the way, very well organised and easy as pie to work with. Well done, I’ll be looking out for more of your work.

Brill, that’s good news from the printers, makes it nice and easy.

I’m so glad you like the file :) I’d love to see the fished document. If you could post up a link to the magazine when you’re finished that’d be great!

I will email it to you. I’ll also go one better and send you a hard copy to your office, I’ve seen your website. It goes to print in two weeks (so I have to get my skates on)

Now that’d be brilliant, I’d love to see how you’ve used the template. How many pages are in your publication?

This Layout is just something else! Really nice done! With few mods it was just perferct for my use. Now i have an question. How do i modify page numebers, i mean colours? I need to but them basicly all black.


Thank you for your kind words sir! Really glad you like the file :) If you want to change the folio lines and page numbers you need to change the master template (it’s in the pages panel, at the top). If you direct message me through my profile page, I’ve got some PDF instructions I can send you through.

Its a shame wanted to support you and buy this but l am required to pay more than i need to l dont have $20 i only have the $11 you need

I’m sorry,who wants $20?

How can i change the page numbres ?

and the little blue semicircle?? im going crazy haha!

give me a hand mu page panel and the master page iv tried them all…

No worries already fixed!! thanks great template

That’s great, no worries

hi the downloaded source file does not have any of the source images, can i ask why you didn’t include them?

Hi, because the images are for illustration purposes only. Most of them are images I have bought or got from stockxchng ( and the licence doesn’t allow me to re-distribute the photo, the same goes for the fonts. Is there any particular photo you were after?

Thanks for the reply, I’m completely new to indesign, and in fact graphic design, so I thought I may need all of the stock images to get a better idea of the look of the project to reverse engineer and understand your choice of colour and appropriate style of images to use. But after playing around with this I realised that the stock images aren’t necessary at all.

Thanks for doing this, the layout is fantastic, and I’m putting together a small brochure for my fitness site. I was looking at spending $350 on a indesign designer, but this template helped me out a lot, as I do not have the budget to spend on a graphic designer.



I’m really happy you like the file! I’d love to see your end product if you can fire something across when your done?



It is amazing job

Thanks, appreciate it!

Hey there!

Great template! Easy to edit and very flexible.

I am at the end of my project. I have just one problem: the font. The company where I am printing my materials (great amount of copies) wants me to deliver them OpenType font format. As I can see Sansation is TrueType. I am not VERY in printing area that is why would like to ask you what can I do?

Do you know any source whre I can get Sansation font in OpenType? Or maybe you know how to convert it tu OpenType? Or maybe you know any similar OpenType font to Sansation?

I like the font so much so I try to keep it as much as possible. Please help!


Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you. I’ve never heard of a printer requesting OpenType format. As far as I’m aware OpenType hasn’t taken over as a standard font format and every printer should except TrueType.

Did they give you a reason why they wanted OpenType?

Also, how are you supplying the artwork? I’d recommend you making a PDF and supplying the printers the PDF . That way all the fonts are embedded and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Let me know how you get on.

Hello there again!

Thank you for your response – you have probably right about OpenType – it is my technical guy (where I print) doing those problem and I feel that he improvises a bit after those few days:)

We will make it like it is. And thanks again.

BTW : Great layout – stop thinking just buy it:)!

Great job! Thank you!

Hey thanks!

Fantastic Template, just purchased it. I am new with ID. Can you tell me why all the images you have included are not given with the purchase . after opening the template it says there are 34 link missing. Mostly pictures.

And in the header why can’t i change the font. As soon as i change it, the whole word disappears.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for purchasing. I’m not allowed to supply the images for copyright reasons, it’s the same for nearly all Graphic River Items. They’re just for illustration purposes.

I imagine your changing it too a font that is bigger than the old font and so busts the container. Try resizing the text box its sitting in.



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