Suburbia City Builder

Suburbia City Builder

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This is the City builder kit in its first Suburbia edition. Play endlessly and build streets you like. Place family houses around them and fill them up with people and cars. Use text bubbles to make people talk. Thanks to the isometric system, every area (houses, streets, empty areas) fit next to the other. The polygonal style with adjusted isometric angles will cover a realistic look. Look closer, there are many little things that can make you happy such as children’s playgrounds in every garden, mailboxes, trash cans, small bushes and trees, and much more.

Scene generator thanks to the included guidelines will help you build your own suburbia more quickly with the precision of an architect. But if you have no time, there are 3 premade scenes ready to use.

Everything is in vector shape so there’s no worry to enlarge or recolor every object as you like. For those who are not familiar with vector, there are high res png exports with transparent background ready to use in your photoshop file or any other raster editor you have.

What you will find in the kit:

  • 3 family houses from 4 angles
  • Road from 2 angles
  • Turn from 4 angles
  • Four-way intersection
  • Three-way intersection
  • Roundabout (8 parts)
  • 3 car types from 4 angles
  • Streetlight from 4 angles
  • Stop road sign from 4 angles
  • Text bubble from 2 angles
  • 2 women from 2 angles
  • Teenager from 2 angles
  • 2 men from 2 angles
  • Mother with baby carriage from 2 angles
  • Father with baby carriage from 2 angles
  • For sale empty area from 2 angles
  • Meadow empty area
  • Forest empty area
  • Car wreck empty area from 2 angles
  • 3 children playgrounds
  • scene generator
  • 3 premade scenes