Discussion on Summer House Party Flyer

Discussion on Summer House Party Flyer

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thanks buddy :)

Merci, Thank you, Bedankt, Danke, Grazie, Obrigado, Gracias.

thank you :)

thank you, you work is also very good. shqiptar? :)

I really like your colour balance on this flyer. Really nice – vibrant.

thanks, you’res are good too! :)

thank you, yours too.

thanks :) more coming soon

I Want This So Bad But I Need To Get Some Money On My Paypal


Kejdi Can You Please Email Me

It’s a shame that you didn’t mention about the woman not being part of the download, it’s only stated AFTER buying and downloading the zip file.

Love the trees and the colors, good stuff!

i’m glad you like it :)

what is the image name on shutterstock?

  1. 36240691

good luck! ;)

Hi..I’m new to Photoshop, I’ve gotten bybprwtty easily, however I’m having trouble adding my own image in the layer where the woman is. Please can somebody help me?...I’m using PSD c5

hey buddy,

i’m sorry but i can’t show you know how photoshop works :) ... please ask a friend who has some experience, i’m sure you find someone who could help you… and btw, watch some basic tutorials… i think that would help you too.

good luck!

I just need a basic rundown of adding your own pictures to a layer. I try dragging it into the layer and no luck it just opens it side by side but not merged together…anything would help

you have to drag your layer into my flyer… and than you can replace your “new” layer with my “your picture here” layer… just put in the layer order over it… and than delete my old layer… its realy easy…

great work. what program can i use to edit on my mac?

The right and only word is perfect.

thank you okan, i appeciate that ;)

Can anyone send me the direct link to the stock photo of the woman? Can’t seem to find it x

Question after purchasing the design will I be able to print it out from this site? And if yes how much is it per print (flyer)?

i’m not sure what you mean. maybe you ask a friend to help you. you cant print here nothing. what you buy, is a psd file, which is print ready. this means you can send it to a copyshop and they print them for you ;) good luck!

Hello. When people purchase the template, is it just the background only with no wording or is the wording rastorized?

hi, no you can change everything… the words are open layers. every element that you see is a single layer. best regards