Super 3D Glow

Super 3D Glow

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Super 3D Glow - Photoshop Add-ons


  • Package name: SUPER 3D GLOW
  • Software version: Photoshop CS5
  • Copyright: August 12, 2011
  • Author: Charles Brown
  • Resolution: 300 DPI (So that you will enjoy the power of both ‘PRINT’ and ‘SCREEN’ resolution)


  1. - ATN file
  2. – ABR file
  3. – ASL file
  4. – And PSD file
  • *Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need

Why limit yourself with “UNEDITABLE” 3D objects? Why not fire up your 3D passion and take your graphics to the next level? Achieve “SUPERLATIVE” 3D for your letters, numbers and icons. Brighten your web adverts, magazines, flyers, brochures, business cards, logos, birthday/IV cards, film posters, etc.

If you are familiar with 3Ds, you will understand that there are certain PRIMARY SPECIAL EFFECTS (i.e. ambient, shadow, and specular light effects) that must be achieved in order bring out the total beauty of the 3-Dimension. Most Photoshop 3D generators lack those effects. This is your opportunity to achieve a PHOTOREALISTIC high resolution 3D with profound ambient and specular light effects in Photoshop.

No filter is needed and no skill is required – just 1 CICK away.

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