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Thanks so much my friend Appreciate it :)

that’s a great stadium lucky u found it

haha.. i actually built it from several images.. good stadiums stock photos are hard to come by ;)

Nice work my friend!! I made something like this a few week back but it got removed because another designer believes that i had copied his work it sucks … Good look whit sales

Thanks mate.. well i always try to keep my designs fresh an unique, so i wouldn’t have to deal with such situations ;)

Woow Amazing Ali, Good Luck Mate ;)

Thanks Tarek :)

Another classic. Above the standard.

Thanks so much mate :)

Haha.. Thank you my friend :)

stunning hard impact one ;-) congrats

Thanks alot mate :)

Amazing Design…. Love it :)

Thanks Mate :)

Hi: Just wondering where I can purchase the original stadium image that is used on the background? As I may need to make the artwork to much larger than flyer size. Many Thanks!

the stadium background was actually compiled by me by using some photos/3D renders.. what resolution would you be needing the image in ?

Thanks for the reply. Doing an A3 poster so I think in A3 scale will be good. By the way, great job on the artwork.

an A3 is a bit bigger than this template.. but an A4 would fit perfectly :)

How do I edit it? I cannot figure out which program to open it with to edit it.

you need photoshop cs or higher to edit this psd file, as specified on in the item description.. thanks for your purchase

Awesome work mate :)

Thanks mate :)