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cool’n original GL ;)

Thanks :)

Good work! GLWS :-)


Can this be adjusted to use for a shrink sleeve label. One that covers the whole bottle including the cap?

No, this bottle is not suitable for shrink labels. Perhaps in the future I will make a mock-up for shrink labels.

I purchased this product, but there is no way to turn off the layer with the white background or the bottle drop shadow. Can you send me another version of this mockup?

Well, I’ll try to do it in the new version, within a couple of days.

DOES the label come with it ? I am looking to customize the label if not where can i buy the label that is customizable Thanks!

Hello, The label, which is used here, it’s just JPEG file, you can not change it. You can contact me by e-mail: and we will discuss what can be done with the label.

what does it mean “extended version”... I am only interested in the amber bottle but its unclear if its in this item or some other version somewhere?

I want to purchase this mock up. Is it editable in Photoshop in terms of 3D. I want to change the rotation of the bottle to something like laying on the ground. Is it possible?

This is not a 3D objects, you can not edit tilt or perspective.

can i also buy this label template?

Hi Kirk!! I’ve sent a private msg to you about buy that black label example on instructions. Did you receive it? Could you response? Thanks!

Hi, I answered you in the email.

this doesnt have transparent background? That makes no sense

Hello nice mockup… is there a way of turning the shadow off not the label shadow the product shadow?

Awesome mockup! Too bad it is only 72 DPI, woul really love this in print quality