Supplement Set Mock Up - Full Set

Supplement Set Mock Up - Full Set

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Supplement Mock up – Full Set

Supplement Mock Up Full Set is a collection of 2 Dimensional Perspective mock-ups. Generated to give the illusion of 3 Dimensional space. It have been

designed to help you to display your (Supplement) product in a style that removes the need for expensive product photography.

Within this set are 7 Files: 2 Design Variations of The Tub Mock Up 2 Design Variations of The Pouch Mock Up 3 Perspective Variations of The Box and Bar Mock Up

File Specifications

  • Graphics Files Included: Photoshop PSD X 7
  • Pixel Dimensions: 5000×5000px
  • Minimum Adobe CS Version: CS5 (for Smart Objects)
  • Colour Mode: RGB
  • Friendly Customer Support

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File Customization/Edit

The Design is included in the item. To edit it, all that is required of you, the buyer, is to simply double click the thumbnail of the file named ‘Label – Edit

Here’ and insert your own image into the new window that pops up, fill the area withing the line guides with your image and save, done.

All this and more is documented in the user manual.

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Please download, send me your feedback and if you have any problems I will be more than happy to help you out with your purchase.

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