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crazy mockup, good luck with sales

thanks fellow

Incredible work Mike!

Thank you Buddy!

You saved my time Bro … it’s the “axonometric” view, i was looking for.

Thanks for purchasing one of my files! Much appreciated!

Yeah! It’s amazing!


Very, very nice! Easy to use and great for a presentation. Highly recommend.

thank you very much truly appreciate it ;)

Well done! :)

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of my products! ;)

yeah happy sales buddy!!

— wow! super job


Hi, are hands in separate layers? Possible to turn on/off?

Great stuff – would be great if the iPads would be layered, too, but still 5 stars!

When is the iPad “black” version available?

Thank you! At first it was, all in layers. But the file size was too big, about 500 mb. So I merge layers, and left only the important layers.

Black iPad most-likely will not be added in the near future. All because of envato rules, that do not allow you to create a new product if it differs only in color.

Another problem is that I can not advertise an update on the main page, there are only new products.

are the hands on a separate layer that I can take out? Thanks – I just want to make sure before I buy!

Great work as always Mike.

As always, thank you Kenny!

Awesome quality! Exactly what we were searching for!

Sadly, I cannot see myself ever using this mock-up. The image size is very small (circa. 1800×900px at 72ppi for the main item, which you cannot enlarge), the smart object is shown in a hard pixelated way and certainly doesn’t seem realistic. Moreover, in all “horizontal with hands” layers, there’s a “bug” in which the tablet goes over the hands (and not vice versa). Also why having so many full layers with hands, instead of simply having different hand layers within the main layer? Well. This item is no better than most freebies, and unfortunately I am going to ask for a refund on this.

Thanks for interest:) Please, read description and comments before buy. Ask for money refund please. Mazel tov.

Is this easy to animate? For example if you want to make a slider of websites from left to right on the tablet?

Hey Marcush this psd file based on separate layers, you can export each layer to png and animate