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These are the most amazing promotional tags I have EVER seen! I’m serious. Boy oh boy they are amazing – GLOSSY , HIGH RES , COLORFUL and there’s a good selection!

And the price? – F$$K! :D

thank you lovecoredesign.

and the price… :(

Absolutely OUTSTANDING quality work at an UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP price!

Thank you for allowing me to buy these!

You have fantastic skills!!!!



thank you skooz, i will definittly try to serve you with more works.

I strongly suggest you speak with the envato team, because the prices for most of your work is extremely under valued.

I would of been more than happy to pay $10 just for this file! The envato are stupid, how on earth can authors make any money selling files for such a ridiculous price?!

That’s one of the reasons why I was not wanting to become an author – the a$$holes at envato decide on the prices. :(

i should better.

Hands down, some of the best work I have ever seen! . . . nothing short of magnificent!

Your work is top-notch and more! . . . these are simply breathtaking!

Thanks so much!

thank you outerearth, this is very much inspiring.

These are excellent. Really superb. I can’t believe these are only $2!

thank you trisha.