Tasty Text Effects (Dark)

Tasty Text Effects (Dark)

This is a collection of 16 layer effects which will make your text look good enough to eat! Each of the effects are individually designed to subtly make the most of their bold colours on dark backgrounds – they’ll grab attention and make your text pop off of the page.

There are two layer effect themes – clean, and chunky. Both sets come in the following colours:
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
Included in the package are:
  • PSD Sample file
  • ASL Layer Styles file
  • Full instructions
These layer effects are designed to be deployed on dark backgrounds. A collection of similar styles will follow shortly which work best on light backgrounds, so check my portfolio for more!

Although created in CS2, these layer styles should work just fine in earlier versions of Photoshop. I hope you find them useful – give me a shout if you have any queries, questions, concerns or requests!


The Font utilised in the preview and sample documents is ‘FF DIN Medium’. This font is not required in any way to facilitate use of any of these layer styles, as they will translate well onto all fonts, and all shape layers.

However, you can purchase the FF DIN Medium font at the following location: FF Din Medium