Terran Void Fighter Template Pack

Terran Void Fighter Template Pack

Terran Void Fighter Template Pack contains
300 dpi 4800px max width ship designs
4800px max width 300dpi, psd and png
All ship elements, RGB .psd for online games
All concept designs .PNG for print games
21 ready to use example .PSD templates
Easily editable .PSD Templates
Ideal for game designs.

Select your fuselage
Select your fuselage from one of 20 designs and add your choice of 21 wings, 17 engines and 29 armour elements to create your own Terran Void ship designs or use one of the pre-designed examples.

Create stunning designs
Whether you use the designs for games or for print the Terran Void Fighter pack offers a unique range of images for your projects. The examples below show just a few of the designs in the Terran Void Fighter Pack.

Define your decals
Select the different decals. lights and graphics to add to your ship design. Customise it to create your own fleet.

Please note:
Knowledge of photoshop and illustrator required for this item.

The item also contains .asl files (photoshop style files)

I have been asked to include a note on how to load these files.

ASL stands for Adobe (photoshop) Style Layer. The style can be applied to an object or layer in a Photoshop document and may include effects like a bevel, drop shadow, color overlay, or border. Something that enhances the original object or layer.

Make a note of where you save your files. We’ll need to find them in the next part.

How To Install

From Photoshop, find your Styles Palette, and select it. If it’s not visible, go to Window > Styles.

At the top right of the palette, there is an arrow pointing to the right. Click on this arrow to bring up a menu. From this menu, select Load Styles.

Now, simply browse to wherever you saved your styles, and load them. You’ll see them populate the Styles Palette, and can then apply them as you would any other Style preset.