Discussion on The CV

Discussion on The CV

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This is a pre-purchase question. Is the CV/Resume files compatible if the data overflows to two pages?


Glad you asked, this is very simple all the texts are basically in text boxes and can be resized to fit your needs and if your contentneeds more space the solution is also simple just copy all the design the add a new blank page to your document and paste the content and finally you cann add your content.

also you get my assistance to help you design your resume.

best regards.

Way cool.. such a practical and perfect resume sample. I just loved it.. I’m working on Student Removals Sheffield. I want this one. How can I buy this?

Very beautiful and unique, we hope you have a good sale. Thank you for following us

Thank you

dear brother ,i have seen your cv but you cv must be english and ms word because cv need only ms word .i can better then you .thanks you

pre sales question, I need to purchase this, but I need some changes to be like my online cv exactly here:

Hi there,

Thank you for the interest on my item, if you want your resume to look like your online one, there is a resume template from an other author that looks the same as yours here is the link to it :

however if you like the design of my resume and you want yours the be arranged like the online one or change the design, you can buy it and send me your resume and how you want me to customize it , and I’ll do it for FREE to this e-mail :

Thank you.

thank YOU. I emailed you with my require, plz put your good price to start this and join the company soon.

already emailed you

I just finished setting up my CV as I want in Illustrator and saved it as a PDF, but when I looked at the file size it’s over 70mb, which will potentially cause employers to not even want to download the file. How can I compress it down to normal size?

Please delete, found solution.

Wow, looks really good! Wish you lot’s of sales :) :D 8)

Thank you

It’s OK. looks quite outdated, quite untidy when you get the actual files… Depends what kind of standard you are after… Personally, this did not cut it for me and I have requested a refund from Envato support. For a paid service I would have expected something a little more professional, fine-tuned, and overall tidier.

I would not recommend this template for a professional resume/cv/cover letter. However, may work for other peoples needs.

Hello, is this for Word and fully editable? Or only for Photoshop? I am looking for proper resume templates for Microsoft Word, like these for example but I like your design so if it’s a regular Word file I may buy it.

Hi there,

“The CV” is a pack of: 01 page resume, 01 cover letter, 01 portfolio and 01 References letter that are available in Photoshop , Microsoft Word and other Software.

and if you need any assistance with the product I Offer a free Help on

Thank you.

Good day, I just bought this CV template and it’s awesome man.

I finished my CV now in A4, but when I try to place (Ctrl+D) the PSD archives in InDesign (initially configured as A4 too) they come a little out from the A4 InDesign sheet.

How can I properly import those PSD archives into InDesign so they fit properly?


Please send me your issue to this email:

I don’t like it how it looks on MS Word. I wasted my money!

Sorry to hear that for the refund you have just to contact the envato support

Could you please send me the email for customer support. Thanks.

Just purchased this template. Looking awesome far! I have Pixelmator (cheaper Photoshop alternative for Mac) and Microsoft Word installed right on my Mac. Which one should I use to edit the CV? Pixelmator for PSD files or Word for DOCX files? Which option gives me more customisation options? Or should I re-download Illustrator for that vector editing?

Hi Eddie39,

Thank you for choosing “THE CV”, personally I recommend that you use the MS Word version of it and you can made the changes you want, the PSD version of it was made using Photoshop cs4 and was not tested on “Pixelmator” so I can not really give you a satisfied answer, however if you have any trouble updating your resume please send me a support request to this address: and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Thank you.

Okay, thank for your advice! I’ll try both and will contact you if there’s any problems :)

By lack of access to AI, Indesign i have to make up my resume in Word. My resume only not fits on one page. Because it is not actually a word document with styles, but a collection of text-boxes it is a huge pain to create a multi page resume and align all text boxes and icons. Any tips how to create a multi page resume using word based on this template ?

Hi, Thank you for choosing my resume and here is a video tutorial that shows how to customize the resume :

if you want to create multiple resume pages you have just to make a copy of the resume and add elements from the copy to the original by a copy/past operation - if you want to add a second page you have to insert a second blank page and copy/past all the elements to it.

if you have any issues or problems to customize your resume please send me your resume and explain how you want me to customize your resume and I’ll do it for you for FREE – to this address :

Thank you.

It supports all the format. Simple to edit. The online support was good. The free resume was also provided . Thank you so much

You’re welcome!

Where can i find the video tutorial? I have some trouble changing my profile picture. Thanks

Hi Ricardo,

Here is the link to the tutorials : -The CV – Advance MS Word Tutorial: - Resume – How To Put Your Picture in Word, Photoshop, Indesign and Illustartor:

However if you have any trouble changing the profile picture to something that fill your needs please send me your pic to this address and I’ll do it for you:


Hi CodePower

Very nice template but ive got the problem that when i try to save the .docx file it ends with an “unexpected error” even if I import it to adobe acrobat or print via “pdf” printer sames issue.. Have you got any idea how to fix this?

Please try to save the file to the doc format, if this trick don’t work send me the files to the address below so I can take a look.


Amazing Resumen man! i am really impresed.

Thank you!

Hey, I was wondering how to put the CV and References pages together into one document? Thanks


Thank you for choosing my item.

- To have two page in one documents is easy open your resume document insert a new page then open your references document select everything using the “CTRL+A” shortcut the copy using the “CTRL+C” shortcut, returne to tou resume document the place your cursor on the seconde page and paste.


- Of you have any other question contact me on this address /

Have a nice day.

how to add pic inside that same shape in the cv and how to acces the website?


Please send me your request to this address:



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