The Data Deck - A Keynote Infographics Template

The Data Deck - A Keynote Infographics Template

The Data Deck - A Keynote Infographics Template - Keynote Templates Presentation Templates

For those who need modern, simple infographics, charts and icons in their presentations

The Data Deck is a handcrafted theme with custom master slides built on the flat design trend. With a tight focus on aesthetics and typography, twelve bright but muted colour schemes and simple icons, it’s easy on the eyes and welcoming.

Make the template your own by choosing one of the 12 Flat design colour palettes to easily customise the look and feel of your presentation. Whether you want to use retro, bright and vibrant or a more subdued palette, there’s a colour palette to suit your presentation.

Both Keynote 09 and 6.0.1 .key files for widescreen and standard are included in the download package.

Unlimited Choices

With over 40 Infographic/Data Slides from custom interactive animated charts (Keynote 6 only) to 2D charts, editable infographics and icons, you can use the included Data Visualisation .key file as your Swiss Army knife for all your presentations.

You don’t have to use them only with the theme in this template, you can also use the charts, infographics and icons in any other template too.

Have the Data Visualisation file open when you’re working on your presentation and scroll through the charts, tables, icons and infographics until you find the one you want to use. Right click on the grouped object/object, select copy. Move back to your working slide, right click and select paste. Simple as that. You can change the text, the colours and the numbers to suit your presentation no matter what template you’re using.


  • Keynote 09 and 6.0.1 .key files
  • Over 40 slides containing infographics, charts and icons
  • Template layout based on the modern Flat design trend
  • Standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) layouts
  • Placeholders for text, shapes and images
  • 12 custom Flat UI Colour Palettes
  • Custom font
  • Six .key files: 2 x The Data Deck (standard and widescreen) Keynote 09; 2 x The Data Deck (standard and widescreen) Keynote 6.0.1; and 2 x Data Visualisation (infographic) files for use in Keynote 6.0.1 and 09
  • Support file
FONTS Free for commercial use font used:

Novecento Font by Synthview Type Design: Download

IMAGES Stock images from the Preview screenshots are not included in the file due to copyright restrictions. Placeholders have been used instead, so you can easily add your own images.

Like this but looking for retro?

The Data Deck