The Modernists Collection - Keynote Templates

The Modernists Collection - Keynote Templates

The Modernists Collection - Keynote Templates - Keynote Templates Presentation Templates

The Modernists Collection of Keynote Templates
Showcase your unique style with The Modernists Collection of Keynote Templates, a robust bundle of design themes containing three popular styles of stunning and easily customizable presentation templates – Spotlight, Architectural & Fred – from 83MUNKIS.

Great for eBooks, business decks, slidedocs and creative presentations, these professionally designed Keynote templates are fully customizable and simple to use. Each set of designs comes with:
  • one-of-a-kind custom infographics
  • hand made background textures
  • tons of elegant master slides
  • complete theme and template files
  • and many other powerful tools to help you tell a compelling, memorable story.

Spotlight Keynote Template
Wow your audience with this stunningly creative and easily customizable Keynote template in three unique color systems – Graphite, Navy and Bronze. Prepare your show in a matter of minutes with this simple to use template kit that includes the following elements:

  • 108 Master Slides in HD (1920×1080)
  • 3 .key files
  • 3 .kth files (theme files)
  • 6 Pre-styled data charts
  • 15 Custom made charts
  • Over 40 custom icons as separate .png files
  • Image / Video / Media placeholders
  • Users guide as .pdf with tips and tricks for effectively creating and delivering live presentations

Uses 2 free fonts:
Weezer –
and the standard system font Arial.

Just want Spotlight? Check it out here:

Architectural KeynoteTemplate
I This kit includes:

  • 60 master slides
  • 3 .key and .kth files
  • A graph paper textured background
  • Many custom icons as separate .png files
  • 5 different image presentation master pages
  • Pre-designed custom charts as master pages
  • Pre-styled automatic charts and lines
  • Placeholders for images and embedded video
  • Extensive getting started guide .pdf with useful tips for using the template in live presentations
  • Uses 2 free fonts:
    Sketch Gothic Light –
    and News Cycle –
Just want Architectural? Check out the page here:

Fred Keynote Template
This kit includes:

  • 3 versions in the colors Sand, Gray and Aqua
  • 3 .key and .kth files
  • 81 master pages
  • 18 extra .png icon graphics as separate files
  • Pre-styled automatic charts for you to present your data
  • Pre-styled lines and shapes
  • 11 custom designed information charts on separate master pages
  • Extra transparent .png files including a map, cogs, lightbulb, profiles, social media and mobile device graphics to mix-and match
  • Helpful user guide with tips for creating compelling live presentations
  • Uses the free fonts Oswald and Indubitably

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Just want Fred? Check out the page here:

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