The MP-2 : The Mighty Presser

The MP-2 : The Mighty Presser

“So you want that trendy letterpress style fast, easy and without the risk of punching holes through your tablet?

The MP-2 gives you exactly that creative opportunity. Automated through two simple Actions, you can now letterpress ANY object and ANY letter into any background, be it textured, with a gradient or even an image of your mother-in-law.

The Actions include a Reload function, so after each press, your letterpress is moved to a safe folder and is again ready for yet another press. Faster workflow is ensured.”

Note: Comes with a default cork background shot at the place I work. Neat! Try space backgrounds, grass, water, wood, jeans, anything and see how creative you can get!


- Zip file includes 1 .psd-file (All layered) and 1 .act-file (The “The Mighty Presser” Action). Also includes the Preview Image and a Font & Help Data document.

- 72 DPi (Optimized for Web-Use)

- 1600×1200 resolution.

- A completely realistic high-resolution photo of a cork plate to use as a default background texture. (Taken by me, use it freely)

- A video tutorial. (See “Regarding the Video Tutorial” further down)

//// Regarding the Font Data ////

The font used with the SB-1: Software Boxer file is: “Myriad Pro Regular”.

Source: The font comes bundled with Photoshop and Adobe Reader 7.0 and later. This is documented on Wikipedia.

If you, by any chance, do not have the Myriad Pro family, please visit:

To purchase the font family.

//// Regarding the Video Tutorial ////

Please visit: to view the guide.

Have fun and best regards,

Anders Schmidt Hansen | HYSEDE