The Party Pack Packaging Mock up Bundle

The Party Pack Packaging Mock up Bundle

BUNDLE: The Party Pack Packaging Mock up Collection
This item containe three Party pack Volumes
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BUNDLE: The Party Pack Packaging Mock up Collection

Four Volumes of the party Pack Collection bundled at 44% off.
32 Party Packaging Mock Ups – perfect for presentations or showcasing your work
(See Preview samples; designs are not included)

  • 24 PSD Packaging mock-ups
  • Customize your box material
  • Add a pattern to the background
  • High quality/resolution files | 5400×3600 | 18”x12” | 300dpi
  • Die-lines of boxes included (for paper boxes only)
  • Mock ups are scaled to size
    • Bottle Label (scaled for a 500 ml Bottle)
    • Cone Box (scaled to 65×130mm Box)
    • Can Labels (scaled to a 2oz Can)
    • Fold Up Box (scaled to 35×35mm Box)
    • Candy Bar Sleeve (scaled to 50×17x12mm Sleeve)
    • Cupcake Cups (scaled to 75D x 85Hmm)
    • Candy Bags (scaled for a 91×51mm Folded Flap)
    • Gift Box 1 (scaled to 50×50mm Box)
    • Fries Box (scaled to a 95×120mm box)
    • Popcorn Tub 1 (scaled to 55×90mm Box)
    • Party Hats (scaled to110(D) x 150(H)mm)
    • Hotdog Tray (scaled to 35×35mm Box)
    • Candy Container (TicTac Type Container) (scaled to a 1oz. tic tac size container)
    • Lollipop Covers (scaled to 75D x 85Hmm)
    • Mobiles (scaled to 190mm Diameter)
    • Tube Box (scaled to 50×50mm Box)
    • Napkin Holder (scaled to a 115.5×32.5×140mm Box)
    • Popcorn Tub 2 (scaled to 52×97mm Box)
    • Straw Holder (scaled to 50(w) x 75(H)mm)
    • Party Invites (scaled to 91×102mm)
    • Topper (scaled to 154 mm Diameter)
    • Surprise Gift Box (scaled to a 62×62 x 45mm Box)
    • Gift Box 2 (scaled to 115×73 x73mm)
    • Food Cover (scaled to 125×95mm Cover)
    • Popcorn Tub 3 (scaled to size)
    • Buffet or Name Tent Cards (scaled to 3”x2.5” folded)
    • Straws with flags (flag scaled to 2” x 3”)
    • Mason Jar gift Packaging (tag scaled to 2” x 3”)
    • Loot bag Topper (two sizes scaled to size)
    • VIP name badges with lanyards (horizontal and vertical to fit 2.3” x 3.5” cards)
    • Cupcake wrapper and topper (scaled to 2”D and 1.8” height)
    • Party framed posters or paper posters (scaled to fit 8” x 10”)

  • Photo Realistic Production
  • Minimalist background to make your project stand out
  • Editable smart objects
  • Fully Named & Layered
  • Help guide included | Easy to use
  • Impressive presentation for clients

  • If you have some questions, please contact me through my profile page
  • If you like this, please rate it! Thank you
  • Designed by INC DESIGN STUDIO

    More MockUps can be found on my Exclusive Envato Account


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