The Perfect Oils. Part 2. 46 Mixer Brush Presets for Photoshop CS5+ and 5 "Impasto" Layer Styles

The Perfect Oils. Part 2. 46 Mixer Brush Presets for Photoshop CS5+ and 5 "Impasto" Layer Styles

Dear Colleagues,

This product is the result of about a year of work, when I had been creating and polishing new tools for painting in Photoshop, trying to maximally take into account all the wishes I received from owners and users of the Part 1 (“The Perfect Oils” Mixer Brush Presets). Also I tried to expand the artist’s capabilities as a painter to achieve even greater approximation of the working process and its results to real impressions of painting by oils (primarily), acrylic, tempera paints. In addition to the 46 Mixer Brush presets I included here 5 Layer Styles, fine for creation the effect of thick paint relief (“impasto”).

Along with ” “The Perfect Oils. Part1”)”, it is a powerful tool for digital painting, close to real traditional techniques.

The Advantages of this Tool Set

  • Realistic Oils and Acrylic paints imitation
  • Simple color blending
  • Liquid/soft paint sensation
  • Painting and mixing new color right into existing (like real oil painting)
  • Brushes for expressive or soft painting techniques
  • Helps to paint more realistic
  • Life-like sketching and painting process
  • Helps to form unique painting style
  • Rich creative opportunities

By purchasing •The Perfect Oils. Part 2• Mixer Brush preset for Photoshop CS5+ you receive:

  1. TPL-fle “Perfect_Oils_Part2_MixerBrushPresetsForPSCS5+.tpl”, This is the main fle containing 46 Mixer Brush presets.
  2. ASL-fle “Layer Impasto Styles.asl”, Added as Bonus, 5 Layer styles for the efect of thick paint relief, so called impasto.
  3. JPG-fle “Perfect_Oils_2.0._List-of-Presets.jpg”, A list of all the presets for the Mixer Brush included in the kit. Can be downloaded among presentation images or from here.
  4. PDF-fle “Perfect Oils 2. Documentation, Manual & FAQs.pdf”, Description, documentation, general information, tips, FAQ. Download it from here>>>

The examples of Art created by using the Collection:

ART SET #1, JPG, 1.33 MB, 1200×3755px >>>

ART SET #2, JPG, 1.34 MB, 1200×3755px >>>

The examples of usint “Impasto” Layer styles from the Collection:

Applying IMPASTO, JPG, 409 KB, 1500×569px >>>

All presets were tested.

Please pay your attention:

This product is for Photoshop versions CS5 and higher. This is just because Mixer Brush Tool apears only since CS5.