The Ultimate Web UI Kit

The Ultimate Web UI Kit

Included is a comprehensive set of Web UI elements that are intended to help designers save time, money, & headaches when they are mocking up web pages. Having spent countless hours mocking up websites myself, I’ve learned that there are some elements that I re-use quite a bit to speed up the design process on non-creative elements.

Specifically, I have broken out all of the standard web ui elements that web designers use on a regular basis & recreated them in separated layers that are ready for quick placement, restyling, & scaling.

Each individual UI element is on it’s own layer, ready for you to drag and drop into your own PSD. Some of the elements that commonly require scaling are already separated by element (ie: scrollbars each have a top arrow/bottom arrow/scroller/track).

Here’s the full list: 4 Mouse Cursors
3 Styles of check boxes (on/off)
3 styles of radio buttons (on/off)
5 Styles of Next/Prev buttons (left/Right)
10 styles of Form Fields
5 Dropdown Styles
10 Button Styles80
20 Miscelleneous Elements (toggles, arrows, close buttons, etc.)
4 Tooltip styles
10 Scrollbars

Fonts Used: Lucida Sans – Standard Web/System Font

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