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Are the files vector? If not how large are they? I would potentially be using this on a large-scale print project.

Thanks, Tom

Thank you! for your interest in this product but sorry the files are not vector.

Lovely art. Can you provide the Interface UI in PNG format for those that do not have access to Photoshop. Are you planning for some additional vehicle either as part of the kit or will you consider a separate task? I would like some additional vehicle and willing to pay.

Thank You for purchasing. Providing interface elements as png would be impractical since they are based on layer system so it would be useless in png format. We will looks forward in adding more vehicles.

OK. Am happy to pay for vehicles separately too. Would you be interested.

Added your request in schedule :)

where is optional lights,Brake lights?

It’s in respective car layers group just make that group visible.


Looks AMAZING! Two questions if may:

1- Would GIMP be enough to open and play with the graphics? (I do not have Photoshop:(

2- I am thinking of making a FREE game on IOS and was wondering which licence I should choose? The game will again be free.

Thanks again!


Hi! thank you for your interest in this item.

1. Sorry GIMP is not supported tough this file include PNG format but you won’t be able to customize it unless you open it in Photoshop.

2. If you are redistributing the elements like in game then you have to buy extended license but I am not 100% sure about it.

If you have further questions feel free to ask :)

Thanks Mudi for the quick reply! The only I asked is because of this in the licence term (standard) ”....which end users are not charged for…” This assumes multiple users but the end product is free to them. At least that the way I understand it. Still, $105 is not much money so i end up using it then I will just go with the extended licence (in this case I will could make a paid version as well :)

The more problematic is the use of Photoshop. Even with PNG, I will assume I can still resize, re-color the different cars no? I really like the use of lights in your example. Would PNG allows the use of the lights (like the front and the red backlight) I think the lights makes the cars popup!

Thanks again and please make the same things with TANKS!



Hi! yes you can change the colors of car in Gimp if you know how to do it. And about lights these are only in PSD version not PNG. Also I am not sure about the license in this matter you could contact Envato Support, they can explain you better :)


wow, this is one of the best looking 2D graphics I’ve seen on here. def keeping this bookmarked for a future use.

do you make any other graphics similar to this? would love to buy any science-fiction themed graphics from you, similar to a package like this (instead of cars, maybe people)

Thank You for your interest. Sorry currently we don’t have similar project in schedule :)

Great works!I’m an html5game developer and I have a question.Can I use the graphics in my game and sell my game project on codecanyon with regular license?

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately you can’t sell it on codecanyon since it would be sold as source project.

Yeah…I see.Thanks anyway.The graphics really awesome.

Glad you like it :)

whats the size of cars in px?

Hm, i was hoping little bigger as I might used them for game icon.. according to design..

You can easily create 512×512 icon with this Also I told dimensions without shadow. If you want sample to test it out if it works for or not I can send it to you.

That would be cool,but no thx I will probably purchase item, but not today, I have to work out some stuff first on game

Hey I already bought your kit months ago but now I need more designs can you send me an address to contact you pls so I can offer you a job ?

too bad I needed only 5 more cars like this.I have worked with two designer so far and none of them can create similar artwork like yours and its not about the design quality its about the style of the artwork so my only choice is to work with you all removing your assets from my project please re-consider my proposal I only need five more cars with same design.

Hi! ok we are willing to work on this project. For 5 cars it will cost $320 and one car will take about 1-2 days to design as we don’t compromise on quality. I will start to send the cars as they complete so that you can also work on them asap. Thank You!

Also note that it will be exclusive to you we will not sell these cars anywhere else.

Great set, love the ground textures.

Thanks :)

Hello, even using PhotoShop CC can not move any object in the PSD file, you have blocked these objects ?? Is impractical to work with this PSD project, I need to use the objects separately. How do I move them or drag them?

Hi! no objects are locked, every object is on its layer and and we make sure that our products are highly customize-able. You can move the objects by using Move Tool and in Auto-Select make sure Layer is selected.

Now I could do what I wanted. Thank you.

Glad to hear this :)

i am having 1 problem, i do not know what grid size to make them to use as tileset, as i need tileset closet to 120×120. this makes it very dificult to use them within a tile grid to place as a backround element. is there somthing that you can do about this?

You can make a new Photoshop document of 120×120 and place elements there and it will create a tileset of 120×120.

I’m new to Photoshop. I bought your assets, but I don’t know how to use it. I open the modular track file, for example. How I use it to make my tracks. Do you have a similar tutorial for photoshop? For how to use this modular things? thanks

Select the layer group and use transform tool to rotate and position the tracks according to your desire.