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Very handy, bookmarked without fail ;)

Thanks :)

Bookmarked! Great item! Happy Envato birthday with this one :)

thanks a lot ;)

Every time I edit the smart objects the perspective is resetting and going back to flat artwork. Any ideas why this is happening?

Hi Phase II,

Thank you for purchasing this item..

which version of photoshop are you using?

The warp transform of the smart objects works only for Photoshop CS3 and higher. Maybe you can try using a Higher Version of Photoshop…

You have in any case to double-click the smart object and apply your design in the new opened art board….replacing the smart object in the layer palette won’t do the trick!

Hope this solved your problem…



Hi Phase,

after another Testdrive in CS3 i figured out what the problem is: CS3 loses the transform information of the smart object if this object is distorted with the regular Transform-Tool – to stay in shape it has to be tweaked with the Warp-Tool….

therefore i created a special “CS3”-Version… the update should be available here in a few hours… if you are in urgent need of this file send me an email via my profile-page here and i’ll send you a download link ….

sorry for the inconvenience, but i am on CS 5 here and the CS3 test on the counter and the Big Display didn’t show any errors…!


great item! can you remove the different objects?...So that the back display is completely visible?

thanks for your trust ; ) and your purchase!

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killer! Exactly what I needed… thank you!

Great work!! Worked perfectly for the designs I had made for a clients booth. The details are sick!

A++ Highly recommended

thanks a a lot ; )

Hi doa, just purchased this item – fantastic stuff been looking for something like this for ages!

I’ve had a go at editing the files as I’m in need of creating a 3×2 display mockup fairly quickly – any ideas or have you got any imminent plans to create a couple more items….. maybe some based on the new flexi twist system and tower pop-ups? :)

Thanks again, awesome work!

Hi Thinkpointdesign,

thanks for purchasing this item, I’m very glad that you like it.

In regards to any new mockups of this kind in the near future i have to disappoint you. at the moment I have too much commissioned work on my table, but i’ll put it on my to-do-list for later this year ; )

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Hi twoeleven,

Thanks for purchasing this item — sorry to hear that you have difficulties to use it.

Maybe you could be more specific what kind of problems you have. Please contact me by email (you can use the contactform on my profile-page)

In the meantime try downloading again from the Graphicriverpage. Make sure your download is completed before you start to unzip it. The File should work just fine – just tried it by myself.



I’m looking for mock up for “pop up stand 3×3 (curved) do You think that this item is properly? I’ve Ps Cs 6

Hi andrew, Thanks for your interest.

This Mockup simulates more a 4×3 Popup Stand. But for simulation purposes and with a little tweaking (scaling/transforming) this might also work for a 3×3 template.

best regards.

Hi doa, Thanks for support.

Can I scaling wall from 4×3 popup stand to more (about) 3×3 popup stand yet before action, before double-click action?

i would suggest to place your 3×3 artwork in the “print”-smart object of the popup-Folder, scale it to fit the 4×3 ratio and after applying flatten the complete popup-folder to one layer and transform it to look more 3×3. as i said,this is just a workaround… hope the result will satisfy you.

best regards.

Sorry PS newbie. How can I remove darkened background canvas or make no gradient? Not background but the canvas. Trying to brightened up the display for room with more light. Great looking design here!

Hi netgain4020,

Thanks for purchasing this item.

If i understand you, you’d like to brighten up the display or popup itself?

Since every item has its own layer or layer-group this could be achieved by applying an adjustment-layer (e.g. Levels or Curves) to the corresponding item.

Just look in the Photoshop-Help-Menu or on Google for “Adjustment Layer”

Hope this answers your Question.

Best regards

Hi, I just bought this item and pasted a design within it – I found that the the top line of my design warps up and off at the top right corner instead of wrapping around – making my design look inacurate against my clients corporate design specs I follow. Is this fixable or do I need to look for another download that will place it correctly?

Hi flipnz,

Sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied.

You have to understand that this file is not providing a real 3D-Mapping but an approximation that works quite well for most cases. Strong horizontal lines in your layout might lead to less satisfying results. There is no out-of-the-box-solution for each and every design that is projected. More ore less custom adjustment is needed.

You can try to achieve better results by adjusting the warp-transformation (activate the popup_print-layer, unlink the layermask and use the warp-option under the transform-menu) to your needs – eventually in combination with the liquify-filter.

Hope you can achieve a working result…