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Great mockups!

Thanks once again, Mike :)

Thanks once again, env1ro :)

Thanks flash-infinity!

Euro or American sizes for the originals? Pixel sizes are useless for knowing what size the originals are to be…

Hi Kriss. The paper used is US sized paper (8.5”/11”). The pixel size really refers to the size/resolution/detail in the finished product. Thanks.

Just purchased and this is really good! Thanks for taking the time and producing something professional.

Hey Zerimar. No problem, thanks for taking the time to leave the feedback! :)

Quick question: Do you have any mockups for rack cards? Not sure if you’ve considered it but I have a few to display. Thanks!

Hi zerimar. I don’t have any mockups for rack cards, but I’ll certainly look into it :D

What I could see your mock-up is the only one with transparent background (?). Too bad that only a american format exists :( If you do a DIN (A4) format, I immediately come back to buy :) Good work!

Hi visgraphics, thanks for your comment.

All of the mockups are on transparent backgrounds. I just showed one on the item preview to show the versatility of the mockup pack.

The mockups were initially photographed on DIN , since I am British. However they were modified to better suit US/Canada paper sizes once the mockups were being digitally converted. It’s supply and demand unfortunately.

The size differences are not too apparent when they are skewed on the mockups as much as you’d think. If you’d like, you can send me a couple of images and I can pop them onto a mockup for you to see how they look :) If you’d like to, just shoot me an email through my author page.

will this work on a brochure sized 8.5×14?

Hi Christina. That’s a little larger than the 8.5×11 it was designed for, and obviously has a slightly different ratio. You could either crop the image that you intend to use, or squash/transform it to fit, neither of which are ideal though.

How come they are such obscure sizes? If you’re really wanting one to fit 8.5×14, we could work out a small additional price to modify one of the mockups to accept it.

I tested its a great Mockup :) Thank Brother

Glad you like it, envatw! Thanks for the feedback :)

Does this work with Photoshop CS3?