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Tnx a lot TaZz! ;)

Tnx so much MAOV !

tnx a lot buddy! :)

Good looking mockups, when I get bored from one I usenow, will buy this ones ;) gl

Thank you man! :)

The size isn’t perfect for my US-standard letter template – the A4 is too tall/narrow … in your description you say it can easily be fixed in the smart object… am I just supposed to make the smart object a different size? Will that mess up the layout/orientation of the design?

Hi, and thanks for purchasing! Mockup is optimized for A4, and there’s no problem, but if you want to use for US letter, via smart object you must change the image size (for every smart object).You have instructions in the readme file. If you can’t do that, contact me through my profile I will gladly help. “Divide A4 into three equal parts”. These dimensions are for US Letter: width: 779px, height: 1805px.

Stay tuned, in a few days it will be ready – optimized version for the US letter!

These are so easy to use and look great! Thanks!

This is a great compliment, Thank you very much! :)

Do you have template optimized for US Letter? I want to make sure before I purchase. Thanks.

Yes, Don’t worry!

So how do you set up your templates using Indesign and then import into PS? I see that you have some. I use Indesign as well and am wondering how do I get the panels to line up when I have one image across multiple panels.

Export from InDesign as JPG, and divide it into three equal parts in Photoshop. That’s how it works.

Works GREAT! Thank your for a simple mock-up for US Letter. No need to stretch image out of proportion. Just scale to smart object height and presto! Thank you Punedesign!!

You’re welcome! I’m really glad you like it! :)

I have a brochure that is slightly different dimensions – 4.25” wide x 11” high. Do you have instructions on how to change the proportions?

Via smart object you can change the proportions, double-click on the smart object (thumbnail), go to – image / image size / type the desired size / That’s it! Thanks for purchasing!

I just purchased the mockup, but it is not letting me download it? Is the link broken???

Hi and thanks for purchasing!

Link is not broken, wait a minute, maybe there are currently some problems with the connection.

let me know if it does not work.

There is indeed a problem with the download, it starts and suddenly stops saying the source file is broken.

Hi and thanks for purchasing!

Now I tried to download the file and everything is fine. Wait a few minutes and try again, it’s probably a problem with the connection, as in comments above.

ok, I’ll try it again, thanks for the immediate response

If you need anything feel free to contact me via my profile! Regards!

Is anyone who bought this using CS3? Does it really work with CS3? I’m asking because I’ve bought quite a few files that say they’ll work in CS3, but really don’t. I just want to make sure before I buy this file. Thanks!

It’s created in CS3, no worries!

Fantastic template! Used it a couple of times – I am proud to show my graphic design portfolio using your mockups at http://www.startup-design.at/referenzen/ keep up with your great work!

Many thanks, It’s a nice compliment, I’m glad it’s useful. BTW, nice work over there!

thanks :)

Thank you too man! ;)

Good job, very easy to use. I am very satisfied I have some magazine and brochure templates, if you are interested you can use it this My portfolio: http://graphicriver.net/user/habageud/portfolio Thank You!

Thanks for the purchase! :)

Is it possible to paste 1 layer for each side (2 layers total) or do you need 3 separate panel layers for each side (6 layers total)