Twirl Effect+Animated Photoshop Action

Twirl Effect+Animated Photoshop Action

Twirl Action

Creating twirl emlements from your Photo With this easy to use this action.
full layer control, so if there some elements you don`t want then
simply hide the layer .
or duplicate some another layer such as “light” to make different.
10 color options are created by the action
and 2 light color option also created.

the action working on photoshop (English version)

If you are using another language, you can always follow these steps in the video
below to change it to English. You can then change it back to your native language
after you have run the action


watch video below
and read how to use
If you are still experiencing issues, please visit the help page
and contact us via email

For Best Results
it is recommended to use high resolution photos in the rang of 1900px _ 3200px

Twirl animated action

After Twirl action playing “save your final image out”
and play Twirl animated action from 2 directions “clockwise or counter_clockwise”
“make sure before play animated action don`t delete any layer or change any layer name”

Files Included:
Twirl action (effect and animated)
How to use?.pdf

Please contact support If you are still experiencing issues.

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