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very good :) GL

Thanks man! :bigsmile:

Thanks Claudiu! :bigsmile:

wow, this is crazy !!! Great work!!

Thank you very much Alex! :bigsmile:

Amazing work mate

Thank you, mate! :bigsmile:

I love the idea of this, but I’m not entirely understanding on how to make it work. I’m not new to PS in the least but I’m newer to using actions made by other people and as complex and as well put together as this.

Hello, Thank you very much for purchasing! Sure, I’ll help you, please copy this message and send it to me through the contact form here:

i purchased the action watched the youtube video and it doesn’t work

Hello, Thank you very much for purchasing! For support, please contact me through the contact form here:


Replied. You need to describe your problem in details and I will gladly assist.

i purchased this action and it is not working at all

I stressed several times, that I can’t help without understanding the problem. Describe in details what are you doing to make it work and what exactly don’t work. Then we will see what we can do with it. And please write me through email contact form. We need full fledged email service to exchange data.

Thank you very much man! :bigsmile:

Hey Vlad. My action is not working, furthermore, I could not get the .JSXBIN code to open properly—I go an error message. Can you help out.

Hi Erick, Thank you very much for purchasing! I see your message on my mail inbox. Don’t worry I will help you to make it work. Check your email.

I want my money back, i didn’t want to instal anything i just wanted a pdf file

how do i get my money back, i wanted as pdf not some weird installation of who knows what

Contact the Envato Support and request for a refund. Before buying something you should have read description more attentively. Because the product makes it crystal clear that this is Photoshop Action. I stressed it several times. And It’s not nice of you to put a 1 star rating only because you don’t understand something in this field. You should have asked for refund more politely, I’m not a monster.

This doesn’t work for me also.

Could not complete this operation. A write permissions error has occurred.

Hello, thanks for the purchasing! If you are on Windows try to run Photoshop as administrator.