Ui Kit For iPhones - Burn It Up Pro

Ui Kit For iPhones - Burn It Up Pro

Burn it – up Pro

This ui kit included finely crafted set of vector gui components with styles. 326 ppi retina display ready and sized for iPhone. Highly detailed and crafted to produce out the maximum quality out put to give your application a realistic look and feel.

This realistic ui kit includes the following ui elements

  • Volume knob
  • Buttons in different shapes and styles
  • Sliders
  • Tab pane
  • List item
  • Scroll bar
  • Message boxes

About the pack

The package it self is consisting of 5 lay outs, that you can edit. The items are loosely coupled and highly organized that you can re edit and use them in your own projects very easily. You can use the items separately as you need

How to use?

  • You can re size the components
  • You can slice and use them in your projects
  • You can export the items as .png files
  • You can create your own user interfaces


  • Highly organized
  • Highly detailed
  • Mouse hovers press and active states included for most elements
  • 326 ppi retina display ready
  • Pre designed lay outs
  • Includes all of the user elements for an audio video player
  • Sized for iPhone 4 and you can re size as you need to fix iPad or any other media

Thank you for your comments and ratings :):):):):):):):)