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this work is amazing. Loving it.

One Of The Best!!!

thanks guys:) It took me3 days to do this one…

excellent stuff :)

Nice one mate!

Thanks, lol…Trying to step up here, lol…Can’t get any exposure from your awesome stuff…:)

Fantastic flyer! Very fresh! :)

creative flyer congrats! :)

hvala, djordje:)

well i’m not satisfied with this one, although the idea is very good, because 3D cubes ( background image ) when zooming at 100% are not perfect, they look like a 72ppi image

I am sorry that you feel that way. However, those backgrounds were rendered in 3500×5000 pixels 72dpi, which resampled to 300dpi give 11”x17”, so there is absolutely no quality loss. Once you start zooming more than 100% in, of course, you will see jagged edges. It’s possible that you are referring to masks for images (photo placeholders). I had to do it manually, square by square, but still, they should look very sharp in the original resolution.

Well i’m talking about background image with a zoom at 100% , which has been rendered at 72 ppi ( ya would see it when double clicking in smart object) , ... in my humble opinion ya should have been rendered it at 300 ppi

OK, I usually get paid for lessons, but hey…You can choose either pixel size, or dpi as your target. 3500×5500 (72dpi) is approx. the same as rendering in 11×17 with 300dpi. Even if you set it to 3500×5500 AND 300dpi, it won’t change a thing – pixel size is still the same. I really don’t know what you’re talking about and mentioning smart objects…they really have nothing to do with my rendered backgrounds. They are just placeholders for images that you insert there. It’s possible that your image is way to small and when imported, it gets distorted. You need to import hi-res photos, and resize & position them.

See, my humble opinion is that you are probably selling your posters as well on GR, (under another name – I’ve seen that many times before), and you opened another account just so you could see how am I doing it, and to leave negative comment/rating. I hope I am wrong, but your fresh account is just screaming at me “fake!”. Still, let me know if you have any troubles with my files, I’ll be happy to advise and help you.

regards, ~H.

Dude, your work is AWESOME ! Wish I could afford it all…

Thank you man:) That was very kind!

Really easy customizable :) Cool poster!! I can not find the font named Eurostile. Them very much. What is needed? Thank you!

Thanks a lit. I found the font here: but it’s a commercial one. I suggest you use some free font that looks similar :) There are plenty on

Sorry I am kinda lost, how do I add the photo onto left panel cubes that sticking out? is 14 MB PSD file too big to add that as smart object photoshop cs5 told me too big? I am sure I will get used to this but right now I am having problems pictures appearing in panels

never mind I am all set I made a great poster, you got good stuff

I am sorry, I was out of town for a while, and I just saw your message. I ma glad you figured it out! All best! :))

Hi, can this design be modified to print as a stand-up banner at 32”x82”? If so, please let me know how. Thank you.

Hi, can this design be modified to print as a stand-up banner at 32”x82”? If so, please let me know how. Thank you.

Hi, check out what I did with your poster: I did it in 300dpi at 32” x 82” and it came out with amazing resolution. Basically what I did was increase your poster version to 300 dpi and 32 inches width. That brought the height to 43 inches. Then I merged your background with a rectangle at the bottom to fill in the rest of the height. You did a great job on the design!!!! Wow, thank you for your hard work! However, you should mention in your notes that users will have to adjust the image once it’s replaced, because most designers use .psb for replacing images where they have already made the adjustments for the user who only has to place the image on the .psb. Whereas with your design, I had to both place the image and also apply perspective and skew transformation adjustments once it was placed. Other than that, fantastic design.

And by the way, I chose 300dpi because most printers that I know of (such as only print in 300dpi, I guess because they only want to distribute good-looking work on the market. I also chose the higher dpi because the banner is going to be for a book signing, so people are going to be looking at it up close.

You did a great job indeed:) I love the poster. I am surprised that you were even able to handle such a large file though (especially when layered) but hey, better more than less. Regarding the image placement – images do place themselves properly into perspective (and into the small removed boxes), but every image is different, so sometimes it’s needed to adjust slightly (size, rotation, position). If you do Edit Contents and then paste/stretch your image to fill the space provided, it should be all good with the least amount of corrections needed:)

And do you have any stand-up banners?

I do not, I can custom make them for you if you’re interested. If so, drop me a line and I’ll tell you my rates. Also check my other marketplace to see if there’s something you like:) I will however consider making some stand up banners for Envato as well…

I am sorry I gave you the wrong link, lol. This is it