Ultimate Weather Changer

Ultimate Weather Changer

I’m glad to show you my new product. Ultimate weather changer.

What’s included?

  • 1 .atn File (action) with 15 actions
  • 2 .abr Files (brushes)
  • Brushes are handmade!

  • Help file with instructions!
  • Video Tutorial with depth explanation of how it works!

    • 1.Winter – (Snow action with winter mood, cold colors)
    • 2.More Snow – (Optional addition of snow)
    • 3.Snow Storm – hard (intensive snowfall)
    • 4.Snow Storm – normal (normal snowfall)
    • 5.Rainy – (Rain action with rainy mood, wet effect and wet colors)
    • 6.Water Drops – (Blurred Water drops on the screen with clearly image)
    • 7.Water Drops V2 – (Clearly Water drops on the screen with blurred image)
    • 8.Rainy Window – (Similar effect as water drops v2 but with more reality)
    • 9.Snow + Rain – (Combined snow and rain action with cold and wet colors, small water effect and slush because the snow)
    • 10.Spring mood – (Cool action with the abillity to add your own colors)
    • 11.Summer mood – (Ready effect, you dont need to change something, it works to all images)
    • 12.Summer -> Autumn – (Action, that transform any image to pleasant autumn, with small high pass effect)
    • 13.Blurry – (Adds blurry effect in the image, with the abillity with big black soft brush to click somewhere on the image. The clicked area is converted into clearly zone with beautiful effect)
    • 14.Night – (Convert any image to early night, with the abillity to add stars on the sky)
    • 15.Underwater – (Place your picture underwater(you don’t need internet images with water))

    You can combine the actions, for amazing effects!

    - There are some stop messages with explanations and tips for better work. Follow the steps or check out my tutorial!

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    Regards, u3poTuKa