Ultra Faded Light Leaks

Ultra Faded Light Leaks

Give your photos a retro and nostalgic feel with this huge pack of 75 actions; 25 ultra faded effects and 50 light leaks! These actions make your photos look like they were taken with on an lomo camera with expired films.

Product Features

Snapshot Prerendering:
Play one action and all the effects will be generated for you! Using Photoshop’s snapshots feature, you can switch between the effects instantly without running another action.

Lightning Fast:
By minimizing the layers and sticking to nondestructive layers, these actions run FAST. There’s no layer merging, raster adjustments, filters, etc. Even the light leaks are vector!

Professional Results:
Because these actions use RGB curves to change the color and contrast, they give you the maximum image quality, dynamic range, and consistent results with any photo. All the effects and light leaks are created using nondestructive layers – no raster layers!

Photoshop Actions

  1. Velvet Ultra Faded
  2. Leningrad Ultra Faded
  3. Breeze Ultra Faded
  4. Lemonpeel Ultra Faded
  5. Fixie Ultra Faded
  6. Frontpage Ultra Faded
  7. Qouzi Ultra Faded
  8. Fridge Ultra Faded
  9. Hibiscus Ultra Faded
  10. Deutan Ultra Faded
  11. Cufflink Ultra Faded
  12. Scarlet Ultra Faded
  13. Caramel Ultra Faded
  14. Edition Ultra Faded
  15. Elbaite Ultra Faded
  16. Fresno Ultra Faded
  17. Iris Ultra Faded
  18. Lanikai Ultra Faded
  19. Verdial Ultra Faded
  20. Bonsai Ultra Faded
  21. Raleigh Ultra Faded
  22. Bonfire Ultra Faded
  23. Vintage Ultra Faded
  24. Goldie Ultra Faded
  25. Ballpoint Ultra Faded

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