Discussion on Universal Colorful Flat Icons

Discussion on Universal Colorful Flat Icons

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Hey! I love your work, I have a website which offers search engine optimization services just like this website my website is almost similar to this website, do you have any package or bundle for SEO Services?

Do you have number icons? I’m looking for number 1 to 10.

If I were to incorporate these icons in a keynote presentation, would I be able to edit each component of the icon separately? For example if there was a shoe icon on a red circle could I animate the shoe separately so that it appears after the circle does on my presentation? Or are the shoe and circle united and I wouldn’t be able to ungroup them? Thanks in advance!

You can ungroup in Adobe Illustrator. Right-click on icon and select “Ungroup”

Hello… love the icons. How are we able to change the color of the background etc?

police or emergency icons as an idea :) really need one!

Well done! Great pack

Great set man!

I am interested but have some questions first.Can I change the size of these icons without impairing the quality? For example I need them in 256×256 size and I want to keep the quality. Is that possible? Also, are they with transparent background?

Look forward to hear from you.

Hi PedXR. Thanks allot for this words. 1- Yes you can change the size of icons. It does not affect the quality. 2- PNG format on transparent background.

Sorry for the late reply!

That’s great to hear.

Please, is there any chance that you can add SEO and Pets icons? I’ll buy your icons next week. But if you could add SEO and Pets that would be awesome!!! Let me know.

Can we get some sports icons added to this set?

i am create real estate website .. i need building amenity,travel,google marker,..related to realestate icon..

if u have ping me

Excellent !

Is it possible to open the .ai file with Adobe Illustrator CS5?

Yes, that file will be able to open on version CS5

Boss, Great Work, I must admit! It’s a cool collection, which is sure to make many of the icon stuffs a real breeze for a lot of potential buyers, like me. Just one thing. You know, I have previously purchased a few wonderful icon sets, which were actually a vectorized set ( besides others like jpg,png,psd etc) now, the point is, having a vector image makes it amazingly easy to adjust & customize its size, without ruining the actual graphic. Otherwise, for many of us, these icons would become pixcelated , which sucks. That’s were Vector images score outstandingly. You know, every buyer/customer has a slightly different need with regard to the dimensions of the icons, and by implementing just one single step, can beautifully solve the problem for each one of your customers who were/might face pixcelation issues. So, don’t you think, it would be an excellent feature for your wonderful product? Again, I just wonder, if there is any tool ( preferably free) that you know of , which could directly convert the png’s etc into vector based icons? This way, even if you take time to implement the feature, the rest of your customers till then would atleast have the choice to convert these icons into vectors by themselves…

Wouldn’t it be great? :)


Hi can i know more about the png provided?

Is it 668 png files? Or 1 big png file?

Hi JimZM, item including more 668 png files

Huuge collection, great work.

The set looks amazing!!! Great work! Yet I am not really looking for round icons, but hexagon and Squared icons with round edges. Are they easy for me to adjust to that? Thanks Nils

Thanks Nils for very kind words, .you can do that easily with Pathfinder tool on Adobe Illustrator :)

Nice work mate! GLWS :)

Thank you for making this awesome icon set. It’s great!

One thing though, on the compass icon, shouldn’t the cardinal directions be reversed?

Love the set! Can we get a beer icon?

HI ronniemorales . Thank you for purchasing my file. I will do an update icons for beer, drink … and more …



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