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Wow. Great magazine template. I like it very much.

Thank you stefusilviu

Tx dalemo

Very helpful file! Great work!

Thank you!

Where can i find the Fonts for this?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Please read documentation, you will find links to all fonts used for this template.

This is absolutely STUNNING ! I aspire to be that skilled with InDesign one day. You are an inspiration.

Thank you so much for your kind words, I appreciate your feedback and happy you like my work.

Simply amazing! If you are on this planet where he is? Hugs. Junior – Brazil

where are you?

Thank you fbjs2 you are very kind :) I am in Europe by the way, hello to Brazil

How can I change the size of the document?

The current size of the document is 10×13, but I want it to be letter sized 8.5”x11”. When I change the document size, it ruins the layouts. Is there any way to change this? I would like to print out spreads on 11”x17” paper.

Hi Jsesse, there is no automatic way to do this in InDesign – you change page size and then you adjust the layout accordingly, page by page. This should not be difficult considering the template is done with respect to margins and columns.

This is my first time using this site and downloading a template. It’s in PDF form, how do I edit and add my own images and texts?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Please use profile page to contact me because comments don’t have notifications here. The PDF is not the template, it is a preview of the template. InDesign files have extensions .indd, .inx, .indml, and similar. Those are the files you want to edit.

Is this compatible with CS2?

Yes it is.

classy design

and thank you again