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Really great mock-ups! Thanks for using one of my brochures :)

Many thanks man! ;)

very good quality ! is it done from photos or 3d ?

Thank you! These are real photos

Very good! Congrats!

Thanks! ;)

Many thanks! ;)

Thanks a lot kinzi! ;)

Awesome Mock-Up. Good job! :)

Thanks! ;)

Great mockups :) excellent work!

Thanks Carlos! ;)

Nice work, good luck ;)

Thanks once again BaGeRa! ;)

Excellent as always S. :-)

Many thanks A! ;)

Congratulations on a very high quality and has been a successful working

Thank you! ;)

Very nice. Very professional.

Thanks once again Simon! ;)

Amazing mock-ups, love the details man!

Many thanks! ;)

Wow! perfect work :D Congratulations!

Thanks a lot! ;)


First, great job! I would like to know if it´s possible to share the images you used to produce the same results i can see in the examples.



Hi and thanks for purchasing!

If you think the backgrounds they are included (all BG in the preview), brochures are borrowed from other authors and they are not included, if you use what is in the package you will get the same results. All of this is set to work perfectly.

In the file description are links to brochures.

Great! I will buy those brochures in order to get the same result as your examples. I like them very much. Thanks!

GREAAAAT Goood job Broo :D

Many thanks man! ;)

Great job!

Is it possible to change to landscape

Thanks! It’s not possible!