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Really nice work. Good luck! :)

Thanks Rewroc :)

Awesome flyer! congrats on already 4 sales =] Keep it up.

Thanks Mike!

thanks dodimir :)

seems like you like to use my glitter layers…

wow. seems like you have too much time on your hands.

talking about your designs is a matter of opinion. but the way you and some other guys guys work is just pathetic.

i’m glad if i inspire many other authors on the marketplace… but reselling my unique layers which are hand maded only by me isn’t nice.

ok are you done? Got it all out? hope so.

Love the Flyer. Could you advise which model you used?

sure! email me @ I’ll be happy to assist you :)

Thanks A Mill! just emailed you.

great flyer… thanksss

:D glad you like it!