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This is awesome!

thanks a lot :)

Thank you Romac my friend :)

thanks mate ;)

It killen’ em’

thanks Belinda :)

Ur killen’ em’

hehehe, Super thank you :)

Nice stuff, Can you give me the link to the first image of the man and woman. Cheers thanks Bud. Great Design!!

Sorry mate, the link is on the red me file, you can see it after you purchase this Item, thank you ;)

Obrigadoooo 50x :)

Excellent Man !!

Many thanks dude

Very Very Cool Design!!! Friend ;)

thank you very much

thank you guys I really lov your comments

Good job man ,,,, I have a question for you. If I plan to purchase one of these posters how does it work? How do I get my logo and information put on the poster? Does it get sent to me in an email? On this poster it says that it is an 8.5×11. Would the resolution allow up to print a bigger poster?

Thank you.

First, I appreciate you like my work, thank you…Do you know how to use Photoshop? do you have any one close to you who can help you using photoshop?

If not, You just have to buy it and send me an email to with all the information needed, ill send you the flyer with all your information, it doesnt work like that, but ill help you :)

Dont forget to rate… After Purchase you can see how to rate an item here:

How can I get the font ? I just by the psd but I don’t have the font

Thank you for your Purchase, please read the read me file


where can i get models from

regards damien

Hi, thanks for buying, I can help you find the model, please send me by email

there is no font includet and no couples ??? is that a joke?


This not a joke its my job… Before you buy anything in this market please read the description, the font links are in the description, mail me if you want the models link,

- thanks For buying :)

“the font links are in the description” yes the link to the fonts that i need to buy, so usless. The other Authors include the free fonts.. but nevermind, i buy other templates where i dont need to buy the fonts extra.

Hi, thanks for buying, I can help you, please send me by email