Discussion on Vector Romania Map

Discussion on Vector Romania Map

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Bravo! Chiar am inceput saptamana trecuta sa lucrez la asa ceva dar acum am dat de tine. Craciun fericit iti doresc si un nou an plin de impliniri! :)

Mersi frumos, Sarbatori fericite! Alexandra

I’m a licensed tour guide in Romania = i can spot an error when i see one. How can you put a boundary off on purpose and sell the vectors as the map of the country ??? (at least state that in the vector description: “Not 100% accurate, and boundaries off on purpose”)

It’s not about “off on purpose” and the number of “unsatisfied” people. It’s just about the quality of the final product sold. And if it’s just 3$, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a of good quality. You should try to be a professional all the way, not just a successful seller…

I think the developers are the ones who should think twice before selling unverified items. And probably the ones who bought the map before me don’t know the geography of Romania.

I bet you I could sell you an city plan of Kota Kinabalu with errors and if the vectors look ok you would rate is excelent. But if u would go there and plan on navigating on it, you would come back here and ask me why did i sell you a bad map of Kota Kinabalu.

This map is NOT ACCURATE AT ALL & FULL OF ERRORS , don’t use it.

- All over the map cities are mixed with counties. (“municipii” is mixed with “judete”) For ex: “Ploiesti” is not a county, it’s a city in the county of “Prahova”. On the map it should have said Prahova. There are other cases also.

- In most cases the city alignments are totally off. For instance: Ploiesti-Buzau, and many more.

- The boundaries between Oltenia and Muntenia aren’t accurate at all. (problems with the rest also)

And the list of errors could go on….

I had to put 2 more hours into reshaping the vectors and moving cities in order to get it accurate and overlay terrain details (mountains, rivers, etc).

In the end, i’m actually thinking of making my own.

Dear AA-Team, i’m expecting a free update for buyers with accurate content. The map that I bought is worthless because it’s full of errors.

Dear Iulian,

It doesn’t say anywhere that the map is 100% accurate, it’s just a vectorial version of the Romania map. The alignments and boundaries are off on purpose, there’s no error there.

You’re the first “unsatisfied” customer so far, I don’t quite get the issue here, for a 3$ item you went trough a lot of trouble …

Next time make sure you check twice before buying something.


Foarte utila :)


Bravo. Imi place.

ma bucur ca iti place, mersi :D

Sunt destul de rare fetele ca voi. Rare treasures :)


sunt asa rare “girls” graphic designer? :D

this is a “man” job too? :-?

Haha, nice one Alexandra! Good file, congrats! Always nice to see a female graphic designer from my part of the world!

La cat mai multe vanzari ;)


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