Veil - Uber Premium Web UI Kit and Web Elements

Veil - Uber Premium Web UI Kit and Web Elements

Hello and welcome to our first contribution to Graphic River!

I’m Octavian Chelaru, the founder of Premio Themes, and I am proud to introduce you to Veil, an over-engineered, modular, elegant Web UI and Elements kit.

As you’ve probably already realised from the amount of scrolling you had to do to get to this description it’s probably one of the most complete UI kits on sale today as it has over 250 Web UI Elements and over 100 Web Content Elements all of which are available both in Light and Dark versions.

You can use this awesome Web UI/Elements Kit to quickly build up cool wireframes/mockups, apps, sites, admins and pretty much anything web related.

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Now, before I list all the features I’d like to ask you to leave us any feedback you have in the comments, let us know if there’s anything missing that you would like to see included and, of course, if you purchase the file please rate it, it helps a lot.

Key Features:

- 16 Layered PSD Files (carefully crafted and organized)
- All vectors, very easy to edit
- Dark Skin with all elements included.
- 250+ Web UI Elements
- 100+ Web Content Elements
- 1170px Grid System compatible
- Font icons, Google free fonts, Retina Ready

Easily build any pages you need, complex or simple, from the myriad of plug and play content elements, headers, title bars and widgets provided.

Web UI Kit Elements Overview:

- Main Menu/Navigation: 6 styles
- Drop-downs: Menu multi-level drop-down and cart, search, uber menu and language chooser drop-downs
- Mobile: Complete navigation with search and shopping cart
- Buttons: 6 styles of with 14 colors and 4 sizes for a total of 336 combinations
- Tooltips: 2 styles with 3 sizes and bottom, top, left, right and follow (no arrow) options
- Image Containers: 12 styles of image containers, 2 styles of image promo ribbons with multiple colors
- Pagination: 2 styles (classic numbers based and load more) and 2 colors for each
- Crumbtrail: 3 styles and two alignment options (left and right)
- Steps: 5 varied styles
- Form elements: 4 sizes, includes input field (with positive and negative feedback versions), drop down, drop down with search, radio, checkbox, number (up/down), toggles (multiple styles), textarea
- Sliders: 4 sizes, two main styles, 14 slide button styles
- Progress bars: 4 sizes, 5 styles
- Preloaders: 13 styles, 2 colors, 2 sizes
- GoToTop: 5 styles, 2 colors
- Scrollbars: 7 styles, 2 sizes, vertical and horizontal
- Social, Icons: 5 styles, 3 sizes
- Lists: 4 styles, 4 sizes
- Notifications: 6 styles
- Stats boxes
- Message boxes: 6 styles
- Callout boxes: dark and light headers, flat or 3d headers, 14 colors versions for each
- Tables: 4 styles, includes 4 color row/line styles
- Tabs: 3 styles, horizontal and vertical
- Accordion/Toggle: 3 styles
- Video Player: 2 styles, controls inside and outside
- Audio Player
- Cart button (2 styles), Time Display, Date Display, Count-down Timer

Web Content Elements Overview:

- Pricing Tables: 3 types/styles - Image/Media Rotator - Image Gallery - Blog/News Listing: 4 styles - Portfolio Listing - Shop/Products Slider - Product Listing: 4 styles - Clients Slider - Promo Boxes: 6 styles - Calls to Action: 6 styles - Large (sitewide) Notifications: 5 styles - About the Author: 2 styles - Comments - People Listing (Team Members) - Testimonials: 7 styles - Misc. Elements: Horizontal Content Menu, Large Tabs Menu, User Posts, Forum, Timeline, Sitemap (3 styles) - Typography: H1-H6, Columns (1-6), Dividers (17 styles), Dropcap (2 styles), Highlight (2 styles), Mark, Link, Lists, Blockquote (2 styles, 3 sizes), Lead, Flags (2 styles, 14 colors each), Pre, Code

Web Content Elements Widgets:

- Site info (custom text widget)
- Listing, Links (5 styles)
- Extended Listing with thumbnails, date, subtitles
- Twitter
- Photo Gallery, Flickr
- Testimonials Rotator
- Tag Cloud (2 styles)
- Stats
- Quick Contact, Log in, Newsletter, Search (2 styles)
- Tabs and Accordions
- Product, Post, Portfolio Listing
- Shop Sider
- About me
- Social bar
- Contact info
- Subpage navigation (multilevel menu – 3 styles)
- RSS Feed
- Calendar
- Shop Product Listing (2 styles)
- Shopping Cart (regular and empty)
- Shop Price Filter
- Shop Layered Nav
- Shop Layered Nav Active Filters
  • All of the numbers listed above refer to individual elements, they are all present in both skins

Note : The images used in the preview have been purchased from Fotolia and are not included in the PSD files. All other assets have been outlined in the help file :

Now, if you managed to get this far I’d like to thank you for checking out our ui kit and also remind you to let us know what you think about it. Your feedback would be much appreciated and would help us bring you much more value in this product and future ones.

Have an awesomely creative day!