Video Maker Photoshop Actions

Video Maker Photoshop Actions

Video Demo Here

Create your own Slideshows and Animations with ease

Save time and guarantee yourself an impeccable result for the creation of simple animations and slideshows in Adobe Photoshop. This Add-On works for Adobe Photoshop CS6 and superior.
Take a look at all the Actions

1 – Classic Transition

The Frames play in sequence according to the time delay set by the user: each Frame will follow the next one with no additional effects. In the sample below each Frame is visible for 0,05s and the total animation is made of 36 frames.


2 – Fade Transition

The Frames fade into each other: each Frame will stand in position for the time delay set by the user and then it will fade into the next Frame.
In the sample below 3 Frames are visible for 2s each and then fade into the next one: the Transition consists of 5 Tweens of 0,05s each.

3 – Blur Fade Transition

The Frames fade into each other with a Blur effect: each Frame will stand in position for the time delay set by the user and then it will blur into the next Frame.
In the sample below 3 Frames are visible for 2s each and then blur into the next one: the Transition consists of 5 Tweens of 0,05s each.

4 – Image Fade Transition

The Frames fade into a custom image before fading into the next Frame of the animation. Please note that this specific Action works only with flat images (without transparent pixels).
In the sample below the 3 Frames (2s) fade into the Transition Frame for 0,2s (the dark image with the logo) with 5 Tweens of 0,05s.

Lots of variations for Tweens and Frames timings

The animations can have infinite number of Frames and Transitions, with plenty of preset timing variations.

The user will be able to choose which different Frame to add to the animation depending on his needs, between presets of 0,2 / 0,5 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 seconds.
These Actions that creates a fade effect generate an animation of 3 or 5 Tweens for 0,1s or 0,05s each, depending on the user choice: more Tweens means a smoother and slower transition, but also an increase in file size.

The format of the user’s starting images doesn’t modify the final outcome. Watch the Video Demo for a clear showcase of the workflow.

Easily customize the Animation

Customize the Animation by creating different Frame timings with different Actions.

The sample below show the first 5 photos for 0.5s while the last Frame “my photos” for 3s.


Photoshop Video Maker is quick and efficient

These animations are generally used for the Web in banners, product galleries, artworks, newsletters, general adv etc. If you are in need of creating these animated gifs in Photoshop, this is the Tool for you: no need to Tween frames manually anymore, these Actions will do it perfectly with less effort, guaranteeing yourself a professional result.

How does it work?

Have the images ready and Install the Actions in Adobe Photoshop (How to Install Actions).
Once the Actions are installed they will assist you during the process: there’s a Setup Action that will prepare the document for the Animation, then the user chooses the Frame time and Play the corresponding Action. Each Action will add a Frame to the document and animate it. Photoshop will allow to Export the file in .gif format or .mp4 format at the end of the process.

Video Demo Here

Instructions are included in the download file and the Video Demo Here

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