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Thanks body…. :)

WOW !! Nice style and colors, love the 80’s/70’s mix :)

Thanks loswl…. :)

Thanks bro… :)

Thank you brandtz

really great work!

Thanks sorenn… :)

Great stuff dude ;)

Thanks bro… :)

in the help file “dynamo” font url leads to a missing page…any alternate link?

Hey customcutmedia… Thanks for your support Please contact me via my mail at my profile page…... thanks in advance

Nice work, had to bookmark it!

Thanks boligogo… :)

Thanks bro… :)

Great work! Very easy to customize and fantastic print quality!

Thank you terrancejules….. :)

The best flyer i’ve ever seen!

Wow thank you very much darkohn :)

Stylish flyer! Colour tone, fonts, filtering and composition!

Thanks man… :) glade you like it

lo mejor que e visto :)

It’s sound good but I don’t understand a word :confused:

damn nice, love it! just some fonts issues, but i solved them by checking out google ;)

where can i find the stereo image?

Inside the file!