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Thank you djjeep, glad you liked :)

Cool i like where do i buy the fonts Thank You

Hi, thanks for your purchase :) I used 3 fonts, two of them are free fonts.

Here is the fonts info, you can find it in the main folder too: Optimus Princesp:

Minion Pro:

Rawengulk Sans:

I down loaded this; however I cannot resize anything or redo anthing its like I downloaded just pictures

Hi, thank you for purchasing :)

Have you opened it in Illustrator or another program? This is a vector file, you cannot open it in photoshop, if you trying this. Contact me via email so can i help you fast. Thanks


Hi Kaya, I just purchased this great file, can you email me the psd’s? Thank you!

Hello Jimi, thanks for the purchase :) Which psd’s?

Love these – thanks so much! This is probaby a Ai/Ps noob question, but when I place these into Photoshop as Smart Objects, then save for web, even without resizing, they look blurry.

Any recommendations?

Hello thanks for the purchase first of all :) I tried what you did and get no problem. Can you send me the screenshot when you are trying to save for the web to my email

Hi,, I have sent you email

Hello, Thank you for your purchase :)

Hello, for edit – Do I have to buy Illustrator? Otherwise: are the pictures also in PNG format available?

All the logos are available in EPS, AI and PDF formats. To edit the logos, use illustrator, corel draw, freehand. To edit in bitmap import pdf file to photoshop

Great work! I love the background images you used. Are those textures available for purchase as PSD layered files?

Thanks for your purchase but background is not available for sale, sorry :(